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Can AI Chatbot Help Boosting Direct Bookings For Your Hotel?

Chatbots for hotels are an excellent example of digital technology, and you can employ them to respond intelligently to human conversations. Also, Chatbots are available to support a hotel or any other business within the field.

Chatbots’ purpose is to mimic a purposeful interaction with clients to make them feel they are talking with a human staff member, usually by text. 

In many hotels, a Chatbot integration is sure to be used as a digital customer support agent. It will respond to inquiries, provide helpful information, or answer specific questions. The quality of service of a chatbot in a hotel will depend on the technology behind it and the methods it uses.

AI Chatbots and hotel reservations

AI-based chatbots are far more helpful. As they contain artificial intelligence, chatbots can read written messages, translate them and react accordingly. It will result in highly efficient conversational interactions like what a person might experience with a customer service representative. 

The most inventive AI bots can even develop this method further by using better features and gathering existing hotels’ information, so they move and adapt their messages accordingly. Integrated hotel chatbots can then figure out the client’s various options, compile the information together, and create an intelligent suggestion.

Undoubtedly, a chatbot is the most impressive way to drive more conversations. However, you must have proper knowledge regarding AI to develop this chatbot in the most personalized way. Therefore, you can take  Great Learning’s artificial intelligence courses online to develop the best possible hotel chatbot.

Make direct bookings more efficient through chatbots.

At present, hotels are trying to boost online reservations made by travel agents (OTAs). To achieve this, hotels create deals and promotions on their websites, aiming to draw more customers and allow reservations through their site.

Alongside this kind of advertising, you can encourage purchasing additional accommodation services. You can achieve this through chatbots. A chatbot can increase direct booking and is an excellent tool to aid hotels in their battle against online travel agencies. 

In the beginning, you must set up a chatbot for your hotel’s website. If someone is looking to purchase from your site, there will be a chat window displayed on the lower right part of your site. It will help visitors obtain more information about your services and availability. The chatbot assists customers, and it can make users begin an online conversation. This way, you will understand why you have visitors to your site.

Chatbot-based Booking Engines

Booking engines are incredible.


They’re easy to integrate and provide all bookings without commission.

What if there was an engine for booking that’s intelligent and smart? It can prove to be highly helpful to boost conversions. Fortunately, they are available!

The AI-powered booking engines collect data each time a potential guest or visitor interacts with the site. A majority of these engines come with sophisticated learning algorithms to analyze the data, discover more about customers’ behavior, and present the most appropriate price.

Not just that, certain engines can also help create an interaction with the guest using AI to make direct sales.

How do you direct them to make a reservation?

The chatbot’s various options will present and initiate a chat with special deals and discounts to the potential client. Potential customers can verify prices and availability via the chat window, and they will only need to select the date of entry and departure to begin the booking process.

After this, the chatbot will show them various rooms and their prices. The chat will show not just text but pictures. You can also include videos of tours and the facilities available. It includes menus and images of the most luxurious rooms or feedback from past guests. It’s also an excellent option to boost cross-sales and increase your customers’ RevPAR. The idea is to provide the possibility of booking transportation into the hotel or late check-out or even the option of a massage. 

If chatting consumes your time, using this opportunity is an excellent chance to guide the user through booking straightforwardly and naturally.

Chatbots for quick questions

We must often make immediate responses for making our choice of purchase. What’s a better way to provide your customers with the things they need when they need them? 

It is only possible through chatbots, where the responses are automatically generated. Instead of dialing the receptionist’s number or the contact number of the web, the user can write to the chatbot, asking their questions. The host only has to set up the answers, and the chatbot can answer the questions without intervention from a human. The chatbot can also respond in various languages across the globe. 

Also, the bot can alert personnel in customer service when a problem arises. However, to set up an efficient chatbot, you must have proper knowledge of AI.

Chatbots are used to report instances.

Chatbots are also an avenue for guests to share any situation in the hotel if they arise. For instance, they could submit a report if the dryer doesn’t work and the cooling system has broken. The only requirement is to provide the room’s number and the details of the issue. It’s a comfortable option for the customer to share the situation without walking down to reception.


In terms of making conversations in sales, those who decide to communicate with a smart booking assistant are a step ahead of competitors. It can open the decision-making path to customers, which is better than those who remain in the “browsing” mode. 

The interaction with a hotel’s chatbot can reduce customer service costs by 30%[1]. Additionally, because a hotel chatbot can easily take care of hotel bookings in real-time, your chances of getting more direct bookings increase significantly. Therefore, chatbots can be the best option since customers prefer live chat over other contact channels.

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