Challenges to overcome Instagram Reels Video Views Increase

If you struggle to get Instagram reels video views to increase, you are lucky enough to be in the right place.  Gone are the days of having social media followers by creating interesting content and posting it.  Rapid digital development has become a fairytale and needs a lot of effort and patience to achieve it.  Getting organic followers without boosted distribution for the post is most challenging, and only a few can do it.  With Instagram being one of the largest social media platforms with an ever-increasing number of active users, getting organic followers will make you popular and earn money. Instagram has come up with a new feature, reels, which is fast capturing the users’ attention.

Hence, check out the challenges of getting organic Instagram reels video views and how to overcome them.

Challenges of getting organic Instagram reels video views to increase

Instagram aims to capture the precious moments of life and present them with creativity and knowledge.  Hence, anyone with a smartphone can become Instagram creators to post their videos.  So there is severe competition as over half the population that have mobile phones. Even people in remote areas come with nativity ideas to become popular on Instagram.  But many are unaware of its many Instagram algorithms and nuances to get organic Instagram reels video views. Instagram only pays creators with 10,000 followers and 100,000 video views in the last month. The following are the challenges to getting reels video views to increase and become famous and earn money.

  1. Many creators cannot post reels frequently, which is essential for getting the continuous attraction of the viewers.
  2. After a few initial reels, many creators lack innovation and use the same idea in different forms to get the viewers bored.
  3. Lack of content in a particular niche that enjoys their reels will also make them lose interest.
  4. Getting the first thousand followers or the 100,000 views required by Instagram is the most challenging task because there will be a flood of viewers after that.
  5. Not having proper analytics to know the target audience, including their gender, taste, and other requirements, will not get enough views.
  6. Though with innovative ideas, many creators do not have the advanced smartphones to take quality videos to reach the target audience.
  7. Most Instagramers lose interest after posting a few reels and do not want to waste their time.
  8. There are also many other rules and cultural barricades in many demographical locations that curtail the innovative ideas of Instagram creators.
  9. Lack of time or co-operation from others makes it difficult for many creators to post reels regularly, causing them to lose their target audience.
  10. Most Instagramers cannot identify their niche or target audience and hence do various reels to reach the public, not bringing them followers.
  11. Due to lack of exposure, many creators do not know the current trends and cannot leverage them to get views.
  12. Since Instagram is one of the youngest among the most popular social media platforms, many Instagramers cannot use the reach of the others with hashtags.
  13. Many creators do not communicate with other Instagramers to have a healthy relationship for mutually increasing the followers.
  14. Most of the creators do not know that even Instagram has confirmed that age does not restrict, and there are viewers from many generations, not only Gen Z.

Overcoming so many challenges for Instagram creators is not a simple task, and they need to be patient and post creative videos frequently. They need a lot of perseverance to post new reels continuously maintain a relationship with other Instagrammers.  Also, they need to know the trends and hashtags to be updated to post exciting reels. In case of failing to do all of it,  the next best option is to buy the reels video views from reputed companies to increase the numbers initially.  And with innovation and experience, they can get organic Get Instagram reel video views to have enough following for popularity and earn a lot of money.

Murtaza Ali

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