Coir Mattress vs. Foam Mattress: Know the Real Difference

If you wake up tired in the morning or experience disturbed sleep at night, it is time to replace your mattress. As buying a new mattress is a worthy investment, do not miss out on carefully considering the mattress’s features and material before making your final decision. For experiencing sound, healthy and undisturbed sleep, and waking up fresh and rejuvenated, it is essential to sleep on good quality and the right type of mattress. 

There is a broad range of mattresses available in the market, which is inclusive of foam, coir, latex, spring, and many more. Amongst all these, foam mattresses and coir mattresses have gained popularity and are being widely preferred by people. 

However, if you are further confused between a coir foam mattress and other foam mattresses, then you have touched down at the right article. We’ve put together the major points of difference and similarities between a foam mattress and a coir foam mattress to assist you in learning about the features and advantages of both types of mattresses. Here you go: 

Coir Mattresses

Coir foam mattresses are usually made of natural fiber, which is obtained by separating the coir fiber from the coconut husk. The primary material used in manufacturing these mattresses is coconut coir fiber. The fiber’s source is coconut shell. After separating the fiber from the coconut husk, the fiber is combined with natural latex and used as the middle or upper part of the mattress. 

A high-quality coir foam mattress is wholly hygroscopic and natural, making it suitable for absorbing moisture and enhancing ventilation. They offer much-needed support and comfort to your body as they are pretty firmer, exactly as much as they should be. 

As these mattresses allow enhanced ventilation, they offer a cool surface to sleep, thus, helping you experience a good quality sleep. Moreover, if you are suffering from acute backache or joint pain, a coir foam mattress would make for the best mattress option and help you sleep pain-free. It supports your spine exceptionally and helps maintain its alignment and natural shape. 

Foam Mattresses

People are widely buying foam mattresses due to the level of comfort they provide. Irrespective of your sleeping position, you can leverage the benefit of exceptional support for your body besides retaining your body shape. 

Among various foam mattresses available, memory foam is one of the preferred types of foam mattresses. After you lie on the foam mattress, your body heat softens the mattress and changes its shape as per your body shape, cradling your body entirely and adequately. 

A foam mattress offers uniform and constant support to your body and relieves your pressure points, helping you relax deeply and completely. Furthermore, a gel memory foam mattress, which is also a popular type of foam mattress, helps maintain a relaxed and comfortable temperature while sleeping. 

Coir Foam Mattress vs. Other Foam Mattresses: The Face-off

You can choose a mattress as per your and your family’s comfort and distinct requirements. The choice of mattress largely depends on your budget, sleeping style, and preferred material type. However, if you need some help to choose, we would like to give you a small piece of advice – if you are looking for an environment-friendly, cost-effective mattress that can provide exceptional support to your back, then a superior quality coir foam mattress can be your best pick. 

In contrast, foam mattresses are also suitable for relieving your backache and are even prescribed by doctors. Moreover, you can explore a wide variety of foam mattresses, such as memory foam mattresses, gel foam mattresses, reflex foam mattresses, latex rubber foam mattresses, etc. You can choose one according to your and your family members’ distinct sleeping positions and health issues if any.

Once you choose the type of mattress you want to buy, your next step would be to select the right brand. It might sound straightforward; however, when you get to it, it might get a little confusing for you to choose the best brand. It is preferable to go for well-established, reliable brands that offer a wide range of benefits such as years of warranty, no-cost EMI option, and others. One such brand is Duroflex. They bring with them five decades of expertise, best-in-class innovation, superior quality mattresses while maintaining the highest safety and hygiene standards.

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