Common Myths About Asbestos 

Asbestos is one of the biggest silent killers found on earth. It remains, up till today, a health risk for all people living or working in buildings that have it part as the construction. That is why it is essential to have an asbestos abatement service check out your home or commercial building to have it removed. 

You will find that many constructions built in the mid-20th century still have asbestos in the structure, and getting your facts right helps. Why? As many common myths are making their rounds concerning asbestos. 

So, today we want to dispel these common myths by providing you with the correct information. Hence, it helps to identify and remove this silent killer if you are a home or business owner. 

First Myth: New Properties Do Not Have Asbestos Present

It is not true that asbestos use in construction only stopped after 2000. So, suppose you own a new property built before the end of 2000. In that case, we still recommend you contact an asbestos abatement professional for advice. 

Second Myth: Having Mesothelioma is a Contagious Disease

This is not true as it is a type of cancer found in your lungs and only appears 20 to 40 years after inhaling asbestos fibers. The risk of the sickness only happens nearby or if you make contact with a contaminated object. It is not contagious, so you cannot transmit it to others. 

Third Myth: When You Act Fast, You Can Rid Your Body of Asbestos 

The problem with asbestos is that the signs of exposure do not take effect immediately. Furthermore, the damage caused from one person to another depends on your health. But if you are concerned about asbestos exposure, we recommend you speak to your GP. 

Fourth Myth: Asbestos Should Be Removed Immediately 

If you find asbestos in the building, never remove it yourself. Instead, contact an asbestos removal and disposal expert like Astra Construction Management to do it for you. With their help, they can help minimize risks and provide expert advice if it needs removal. 

Fifth Myth: You Are Safe From Asbestos While Wearing a Mask 

For example, the facemasks designed to wear during the COVID are not enough to protect you when dealing with asbestos. The asbestos professionals wear specially designed masks to keep their health safe. 

Symptoms Related to Asbestos Exposure 

When exposed to asbestos, you can have typical symptoms years after exposure that include the following:

  • Your breath is short, and your face and neck are swollen
  • Your blood pressure can increase, and you have a bloated abdomen.
  • There is a loss of appetite with crackled breathing as the lungs are damaged. 
  • You will notice weight loss. 

Final Thoughts 

As you can see, a few myths related to asbestos are untrue. Asbestos remains the world’s silent killer resulting from building construction. If you suspect your property has asbestos, we recommend you contact a professional to make it less dangerous for your and others’ health.

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