Complete Guide: Tips and Programs to Create Companies Logos

logos is the graphic element that distinguishes the business. In other words, it is what visually defines the corporate identity, differentiating the business from the competition. Therefore, knowing how to create a company logo is essential.

Whether it’s a small store, a well-known online store, or a professional studio, creating a business logo is essential. For what reason? Because the logo is the business’s graphic identity: it is the element that, through symbols, colors and fonts, visually attracts the attention of potential customers, making the company recognizable and communicating its message at a glance.

How to create a custom logo? Many think that it is necessary to entrust the project to external resources, with consequent considerable economic expenditure. In reality, it is not: pen and paper, a few brainstorming sessions, and a good dose of creativity and inventiveness will be enough.

Let’s check out what characteristics a good logo must have and the steps to follow to create a professional logo in a simple and freeway.

The keys for building an effective logo

Here are the 5 characteristics that a successful logo must necessarily have:

Simple and easy to remember

A true winning logo must be easy to remember in the first place. In fact, the main goal of a logo is precise to be recognizable and memorable: it must remain etched in the customer’s mind for as long as possible. For this reason, the first tip for those who want to create one from scratch is to keep it simple. A simple logo, with few colors and simple design will undoubtedly be more recognizable than one full of frills and useless details. This is why it is vital to delete everything that is not essential: the details do not favor memorization but limit its potential. What is simple and clear is remembered, what is excessive and unrecognizable ends up being forgotten in minutes.


When working on the creation of a professional logo, it is important to consider what the latest market and sector trends are, but you must not fall into the error of creating a message based exclusively on the latter. Indeed, a winning logo must be eternal, out of time.

In line with the target

A professional logo cannot ignore the target audience of your business. In other words, when designing a logo, it is essential to consider who the message is intended for. Colors, fonts and designs must be designed in line with the company business. For example, a toy store may think of using children’s drawings and bright colors for its logo. A luxury jewelry store will have to use more discreet and elegant lines, colors and fonts to effectively communicate identity and identity.

Be unique

The company logo must be exclusive: creating logos, in fact, does not mean copying the ideas of other businesses. Taking a cue from already existing famous logos is possible, but your logo must be new, exclusive and unique. It must have a particular feature that differentiates it from others: only in this way will potential customers not risk confusing the logo in question with that of another business.


Last but not least, an essential feature for a professional logo is versatility. A logo must be reproducible in different formats and sizes. In addition, it must be adaptable to any communication channel: online site, Social company profile, paper brochure, billboard or shop sign.

Digitize the logo

After having learned the five tips for effective logos, it’s time to digitize it. What does it mean? That it is finally time to design and perfect the paper draft digitally, that is, on the computer. To do this you can use professional software or online tools. Here are the most used ones:


DesignEvo is a freemium online app to make professional logos. It provides over 10,000 well-organized templates that you can try for creating a cool and special logo in a few seconds. You can use millions of professionally designed icons and 100+ stylish fonts.

The DesignEvo logo maker is free and easy to use; it is localized to 7 the most used languages. No download or registration is required, but you can still download your JPEG and PNG files. You save your logos to your account and make unlimited edits at any time.


How to create a logo for free? Canva is the solution. It is a free online tool with some paid features: to create a logo, and the free functionality will suffice. How does it work? The site provides interesting insights through logos sketches. You will be able to design an attractive logo starting from the complete customization of these designs with colors, writings, images and sizes. Below, after having carried out a careful and accurate customization work, you can download your logo in different formats: PNG, JPEG, PDF, PDF print and GIF. The most recommended format is PNG: it is more adaptable and has a much higher quality than JPEG images.


Also, with this online tool, it will be possible to create a logo for free. In fact, just like Canva, Logaster has templates available. In addition to this service, Logaster creates customized drafts based on the type of business and company name. Below you can change the logo with custom colors, writings and sizes. The last step is the download: also, in this case, the formats are numerous, but the recommended one remains the PNG.

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