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Compliance Management Tools for SMBs

Compliance Management:Last year, with many improvements in the ACA minimum wage regulations and anti-harassment mandates transforming the workplace, compliance was among the top trends for HR. So, as we head forward into 2021, firms of all sizes are proactively gearing up to improve their compliance capability. This may require a broad variety of criteria, from tax and labor regulations to situations for case management and internal audits.

Although there are many large-scale vendors that appeal to large business clients, tiny enterprises are frequently left in the lurch. SMBs also do not have a dedicated legal office or the CAPEX needed to invest in top-of-the-line compliance management suites for fewer than 1000 staff. This does not mean that SMBs are in any way excluded from the laws of corporate governance.

The tech industry is primed for the entry of SMB-specific compliance monitoring tools with many small business owners conducting audits manually or by individual consultants. Based on the present situation, we performed a thorough industry review and gathered five valuable compliance monitoring resources that SMBs are looking at.

1. Clever Compliance Software

Clever Compliance is a competitive Nordic enterprise that takes a pragmatic approach to make a positive effect on the global compliance market for goods. The company has developed a compliance platform providing firms with a wide range of compliance management tools for more efficient and effective product compliance. By enabling digitalization to take place, they plan to revolutionize this dynamic sector, where all the work today is still performed manually.

The most time-saving and cost-efficient approach for organizations to control their regulatory obligations, reduce risks and handle their product enforcement function has been considered to be the creative compliance management system. Scandinavian enterprises like AFRY are celebrating thousands of euros in monthly savings and a more profitable, collaborative, stress-free work environment. If you are looking for a tool or software to entrust for all compliance management, then Clever compliance has got your back and it’s a 2021 favorite.

2. Hetikus is a GRC Tool for SMBs

Mid-sized organizations are also trying to find management software for governance and regulatory compliance (GRC) to suit their team size. The base version of Hetikus is suitable for up to 10 users and comes with cloud computing.

With support for multiple divisions, a variety of business policy, and flexible GRC infrastructure, the compliance management platform itself is pretty comprehensive. Hetikus, in turn, strives to be the first digital regulatory strategic tool in the world, replacing obsolete on-site frameworks.

3. Avalara Brings World-class Tax Compliance to Small Businesses

Interestingly, Avalara has a proven worldwide existence, but it does not only target market customers. This is the perfect compliance monitoring software for SMBs of stores/units situated in various geographies to ensure that all taxation, refund reporting, and record management procedures are up-to-date. In addition to boasting a substantial SMB customer base, the business also prices its solutions depending on the venue of the customer.


It can be a headache to handle enforcement as a small or mid-sized company, distracting from value-adding initiatives. Compliance monitoring methods, such as those mentioned above, are highly useful without facing heavy fines for reducing workloads and reducing capital costs. Undoubtedly, as organizations look forward to accelerated growth and new markets, these developments will prove crucial.

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