CoolSculpting: My CoolSculpting Experience

I am not averse to plastic surgery or rejuvenation operations, as most of you know. ‘Isn’t Authentic Beauty about natural beauty?’ I’m frequently asked, and the answer is neither black nor white. I believe that women should feel and look their best, whatever that means to them. Many of the ladies I know will never have a procedure, while others will have them once a month.

This is a personal choice, but what I believe most strongly is that you must love and accept yourself for who you are, rather than believing that any reduction in a line or fat will make you a better person or happier. That is something that comes from within. That’s what it’s like to be confident in your own skin. ‘You are not your body,’ I like to remark. Yes, you have a physical body, but you are not your physical body.

I also don’t believe in conforming to an unattainable beauty ideal. We will be unhappy if we look to the media to determine our concept of beauty and compare ourselves to it. For ourselves, we must make comfortable, responsible decisions about our health, appearance, and bodies. It’s critical to check in with your own ideas, feelings, and habits on a frequent basis to ensure that you’re choosing and constructing your own image rather than reacting to everything that comes your way.

As a result, when I was urged to try CoolSculpting, a non-surgical fat reduction therapy, I had a mix of feelings. Am I being genuine? Isn’t this the polar opposite of what I believe? And the response was emphatically no. So, To get rid of fat problems, get the best treatment of coolsculpting in Dubai.

What is CoolSculpting and how does it work?

If stubborn, resistant fat around your hips and abdomen is preventing you from getting the results you want, CoolSculpting at Buckhead Plastic Surgery can help. Despite our best efforts at the gym and in the kitchen, many of us still suffer with stubborn abdominal fat that refuses to go away no matter what we do. Subcutaneous fat—a layer of fat that resides just beneath the skin and is resistant to typical fat-loss methods—is frequently the source of the problem.

While you can significantly reduce the amount of visceral fat that surrounds your organs, subcutaneous fat can sometimes linger and obscure the effects of your otherwise lean body. CoolSculpting is an excellent choice for healthy men and women who are at a stable weight but can’t seem to lose the last bit of fat using this non-surgical fat reduction therapy.

Is it Possible to Freeze Fat?

I have a great working connection with Buckhead Plastic Surgery, and we recommend Authentic Beauty clients to Dr. Larsen for Botox and other procedures. Slim Studio and Luxe Med Spa, a new addition to his clinic, opened recently. Cool Sculpting is available at Slim Studio, while non-surgical medical facial rejuvenation therapies are available at Luxe Med Spa. So I decided to give CoolSculpting a shot to see whether it was actually effective. Is it possible to freeze fat? The response is, of course, a loud yes! While individual outcomes may vary, I found this process to be really effective! So to reduce fat, fat freezing in Dubai has introduced a best treatment system.

To be honest, I had mixed feelings about it at first. I reasoned that since I’d had this fat pocket for so long, it wouldn’t go away with a three-hour non-surgical procedure. That said, I believe the photos speak for themselves, and I’m told I won’t see the final product for another three months.

My Battles with My Stomach on a Personal Level

I gained 85 pounds after having my first child at the age of 25. Before becoming pregnant, I dropped all but 10 pounds, and then gained 85 pounds with my second kid. I have the kind of pregnancies when I start throwing up and feeling nauseated as soon as I find out I’m expecting. Bread was the only item I could eat for nine months in my instance. I was worse than sick if I didn’t eat, and when you’re pregnant, your body is going to do what it’s going to do.

I lost weight, became a personal trainer, and competed as a road cyclist for ten years after that. I worked out 6 to 7 days a week, sometimes more, with intense training. Despite all of my workout, I still had belly fat despite my low body fat percentage. I prayed it would go away, but I realized I had to accept the fact that it was here to stay because I had stretched so much, have a long torso, and am genetically predisposed to it.

I had no intention of getting a stomach tuck, and after seeing the results of standard liposuction (and the risks that come with it), I had no desire to do so. Now that I’m approaching 50, yep, I’m 47 this year, I’m more than ever appreciating my health and true self. I go to the gym five times a week. I’ve been surfing three times this year and I’m feeling the best I’ve ever felt about myself, and then I get a call that there’s a nonsurgical option for me to work on this area? I was definitely fascinated.

The method is straightforward, and each person will have a unique experience. You can read reviews here, but you will be attached to a machine that resembles a huge vacuum cleaner. It absorbs your fat and freezes it. It is applied on your skin for approximately 40 minutes. Your skin and the fat beneath it are frozen when the gadget is removed.

Michelle, my medical technician, then massaged the region. That was the part that bothered me the most. Some people report just minor discomfort, while others report a little more. I was in the middle of it all. I’d say it hurt, and I was fairly painful for a few days later. What I meant was that if it works, it will be worth it; if it doesn’t, it will be a waste of time, but you won’t have to miss any time from work or your regular routine. You can simply go about your daily routine while the fat progressively goes throughout the weeks after your treatment.

It’s vital to remember that CoolSculpting is a fat-reduction treatment, not a weight-loss treatment. The difference is that CoolSculpting truly reduces the number of fat cells in your body, whereas when you lose weight, fat cells simply shrink and then develop again if you gain weight. Slim Studio can help you decide the best CoolSculpting treatment plan for you after a consultation.

What are the outcomes of my research?

I felt sore for a few days afterward. It was still numb where it had been frozen. I wore Spanx to aid with the discomfort. I worked the next day, which I wished I hadn’t, but I was OK within a few days. I propose lying down, putting on your Spanx, and taking some advil. Perhaps doing this on a Friday and then relaxing over the weekend is the best option.

I could see it was functioning in my clothes around 3 weeks after the treatment. I saw a significant difference in my waistline. My pants were too big for me. I was still numb, and I was informed that it was normal. Now that six weeks have gone, I am ready to relate my story. I will not recommend or promote any product or technique with my clients, family, or friends that I have not tested. The results have completely blown me away, and I am now glad to share them.

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