Cost to install kitchen cabinets- pricing guide

If you want to decorate a newly built home or remodeling, the kitchen will remain on the precedence list. And cabinets are some of the more oversized items visible in the kitchen. Your kitchen’s square footage is the best way to estimate how much it will cost to install kitchen cabinets. The cost also depends on whether you are installing a new cabinet or replacing old cupboards. As because the demo work does not require, a new installation is actually cheaper.

However, the average cost of kitchen cabinets is $5,334, but maximum homeowners expend $8,829 to $8,916. Kitchen cabinets installation cost also differs by material and design. So, if you are wondering about the kitchen cabinets installation cost, then you’re in the right place. This article will give you the complete pricing guide for installing kitchen cabinets. Let’s check it out.

Initial costs and related services of cabinetry

There are lots of costs related to cabinet installation. Labour and materials are the initial costs. Usually, labour takes the most of the price. Initial costs include a comprehensive list of services and related materials to show you all the possibilities. But, you don’t need to use all the services and materials.

  • Design of kitchen and interior
  • Contracting- Plumbing, framing, electrical, and other supplies
  • Cabinetry- Installation, manufacturing
  • Last finishes- Appliances, fixtures, countertops, and other supplies

Kitchen Cabinet Costs by Material & Design


It is a cheap and mass-produced cabinet, also called a “box cabinet”. The stock cabinet’s quality can be low to good. It may be a fantastic fit for you if you like standard space and preferences.

The stock cabinet average cost is $3,000 to $10,000. For a small 10X10 kitchen with two sides of a stock cabinet, the charge is $3000.


As stock cabinets, semi-custom cabinets are also mass-produced cabinetry. But it has a few standard finishes and styles along with some customization capabilities. You can customize this cabinet a little. The semi-custom cabinet’s quality can be low to great. It can be the perfect choice for you if you have standard space and also if you want to design it.

Semi-custom cabinet’s average cost is $5,000 to $30,000.


The cost of custom cabinets depends on the materials you choose and the room size. The fee also includes:

  • Your living area (price may differ)
  • Amount of cabinets
  • Cabinets design: one or two-shelf.
  • Types of wood: maple, cherry, oak, mahogany, walnut and more.
  • Types of final finish- painted, natural, distressed, stained and more.

Average custom cabinets cost can start from $10,000 to up. You may invest more if you choose cabinets with spice racks, rare wood, and glass front doors. But choose inexpensive materials, like, instead of cherry wood choosing pine wood. Then, you can reduce the total customized cabinets cost.

Labour cost

If you install stock or semi-custom cabinets, the labour cost per linear foot can be $50 to $250. And custom works may cost $200 to $450+ per linear foot. But the square foot pricing system doesn’t use often. Primarily, daily and hourly price rates are used.

The average cost of new cabinets installation per linear foot

Per linear foot means measuring per length. Here you can’t measure depth or height. You have to measure the length of the space where you want to place the cabinet. Below, the table shows the average cost of new cabinet installation per linear foot.

TypesMaterials and hardwareLaborTotal
Stock  $50 – $200$50 – $100$100 – $300
  Semi-custom  $75 – $400$75 – $250$150 – $650
  Custom  $300 – $750+  $200 – $450+$500 – $1,200+

Final words

The total cost to install kitchen cabinets is about $1,834. But it depends on how fast you want to get complete the project. Labours take about 1 hour 15 minutes for installing per unit. Now, you can make a budget to install your kitchen cabinets considering mentioned pricing guide.

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