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Crack the Code: Hounder Web Development is Demystifying Programming for Everyone

Programming is the backbone of modern technology, the language that enables machines to do incredible things with just a few lines of code. It’s like speaking a secret language that only machines can understand! And with the right instructions, these machines can perform some pretty amazing feats. 

Despite its reputation for being a meticulous and laborious task, coding can be both rewarding and enjoyable for those who love the challenge. According to Joshua Northcott, co-founder and CTO of Hounder Web Design and Development, anyone can learn to code—just as long as they have the right tools and a basic understanding of the principles.

Hounder’s origins

Hounder provides services that help transform leading enterprise brands into powerful digital design systems, ripe for attracting the appropriate customer or client. This allows any company who’s received the Hounder treatment to grow and create a place in the existing market. But Hounder hasn’t always been here to help organizations ensure brand success. 

Before starting Hounder, Joshua and fellow co-founder, Justin Hough, felt that there was a vacant space in the coding and digital design market. The existing platforms offered subpar services, such as poor-quality web design and poor code, leading to future complications and issues for the company. 

And so, since its establishment in 2016, Hounder has been helping companies and organizations create custom web designs and enterprise content management system(CMS) implementations. Hounder’s team of top-notch tech experts believes in creating meaningful web experiences for their clients. They explain their process and ideas every step of the way, always considering clients’ perspectives first. 

Hounder’s Social Media Presence

Demonstrating their excellent expertise and thought leadership, Hounder regularly posts videos on various social media platforms and their official website, created to help people understand the vast space that is the tech industry. These videos give short and easy-to-follow directions on a broad range of topics, such as how to code, how to write quality content for search engines, tips on cleaning up your desktop, and so much more.  

For those who find the coding process daunting, co-founder Justin Hough’s two-minute video explains the basic steps to implementing a code change. He explains that by using GitHub Codespace, a person can develop the environment or website that needs to be set up on the go–you just need a laptop or iPad and a good internet connection. Through their videos, Hounder wants to provide viewers and clients with insight into their professional services, reassuring them that they are in good hands.

Ultimately, Hounder’s top priority is to help companies, big or small, create websites and web designs that would yield results for the product they are selling. By working closely with their clients, Hounder has become one of the leading web design, development, and marketing strategists hub for several major companies in the United States. They believe that the success of their client equals the level of their success.To know more about Hounder, visit their website, or watch their short videos on coding and web designs on their YouTube channel.

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