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Create A Great Line Sheet In Simple Steps

You have been told many times that making a line sheet is essential. But nobody tells you how you can create e a great line sheet that actually can help you boost sales. The dream of many aspiring fashion brads is to sell their products to major fashion chains. They need line sheets to present their collection to potential buyers. 

A line sheet is a sales tool that helps fashion buyers place orders. As a matter of fact, every product-based business needs a line sheet to present its mix to potential buyers. So, if you have not created a line sheet yet, download the wholesale line sheet sample and increase your brand recognition.

What is a line sheet?

A line sheet is an essential sales tool used by businesses to present their line to potential buyers. It is a document that contains information about the product, shipment policy, payment terms, and return policy, etc. Line sheets are created to make the buying process simple and easy for both and the brand. 

Though the line sheets were originally made by the fashion and apparel businesses now, every product based or wholesale business needs a line sheet. Line sheets help businesses present their products to potential buyers in the best possible manner. It helps them create a great first impression on the clients. So, if you have landed in the wholesale industry, you need to make a great line sheet. It will help your brand get recognition, and you will have more and more customers.

Difference between a line sheet and a catalog:

You only get one chance to make a great first impression on potential buyers, and a catalog and the line sheet helps you do that. But people may get confused with the information involved in the lien sheet and a catalog. In fact, many people think both are pretty much the same.

But this is not true. There is a difference in both the documents, and it is highly important for a brand to understand that difference. Let’s make things easier.

A catalog is the representation of your brand. You tell your brand story in the catalog. It contains lifestyle imagery and long paragraphs. Every business begins its operation with the aim of earning profits. For this, it has to sell its products. In a catalog, the brand tells its customers why it is worth buying its products. 

On the other hand, a line sheet is a selling tool that helps brands showcases their product line in front of potential buyers. There is no place for long paragraphs or lifestyle imagery in the line sheets. You cannot describe your brand history in the lien sheet. A line sheet tells potential buyers how they can purchase your products. 

Now you understand the difference between a catalog and a line sheet, so let’s move towards making a great line sheet.

Make a great line sheet to present your mix:

You get only one chance to impress your potential clients. So, do not let them go anywhere. Make sure that you present your product line in the best manner so that the buyer can place an order immediately. For this, you need to create an effective lien sheet.

There are three options when it comes to making a line sheet. Choose the option according to your needs and requirements.

  1. Make it by yourself:

If you are making a line sheet for the first time, then things might not be easy for you. You must know what a line sheet looks like and what information you should include in it. Here is how you can make a line sheet from scratch:

General information:

Your brand logo and contact details should be easily unidentifiable at the top of the lien sheet. Potential buyers do not have time to search for through the information to find out your contact details. So, make sure you clearly mention them in the line sheet. Otherwise, it can cost you a sale.

  • Business name
  • Business logo
  • Contact name
  • Contain numbers and email address
  • Brief brand bio

It is suggested to recheck the contact details to make sure that you have not included any wrong number. 

Product information:

Now, you are going to tell the customers about the products you offer to sell. Include the following information about products:

  • Images:

The first thing that customers see is the product image. It is easy to get carried away by the fancy photos. But it does not mean that you can use any type of images in the line sheet. Make sure that you use quality images with a light background to display the products clearly.

Product line information:

Include the following details under the product images:

  • Item ID
  • Style number
  • Material uses in making
  • Colors available (if any)
  • Sizes available (if any)
  • Wholesale price
  • Recommended retail price
  • Order minimums

Wholesale information:

It is necessary to make everything clear in the line sheet. You are not allowed to use long paragraphs or flowery language in the line sheet, but it does not mean that you can crush the important details. Under the products you should include a wholesale information section:

  • Lead times:

What your lead times are? How quickly can you fulfill and ship the order? State everything clearly in the line sheet. Though you want to impress the client, be realistic here.

  • Payment options:

Tell the customer about what payment methods you accept.

  • Shipping details:

What are the shipping costs? Who will cover the shipping cost? You would pay it, or the buyer has to pay the shipping cost? What is your preferred shipping company? Tell the customer everything about shipping in the line sheet.

  • Return policy:

Highlight the important points regarding the return policy in this section. Tell the customer if you accept returns and in what case.

  • Expiry date:

Price and availability change frequently, and you need to tell the buyer when the information provided in the line sheet will expire.

Now your line sheet is ready to send to the potential customers. But make sure you review it before sending it to the potential buyers.

  • Hire a graphic designer:

The next option you can choose is to hire a graphic designer. A graphic designer can do his job efficiently and make a great line sheet. He can make changes when needed. But the problem with hiring a graphic designer is that it can be costly. If your business is in its initial, stages then probably you do not have enough money to hire a graphic designer.

  • Use templates:

Another great option to make a line sheet is to use templates available online. The best thing about these templates is that you do not need to reinvent the wheel. Here is how you can make a line sheet using templates:

  • Choose your template:

Different businesses have different needs, and you should choose the layout for a line sheet according to your business. You should ask the following questions to yourself before choosing a template:

  • Do I need a line sheet for a single product or a collection?
  • Which layout suits the products I want to present?
  • What template suits best to my brand?
  • Is there enough space to add details?

In the beginning, you should go for a simple design. Once you become an expert in making a line sheet, you can choose complex designs too.

  • Customize the layout:

Now you have chosen the template to make a line sheet; it is the time to customize the layout. Include all the key information in the given space. Choose the font size and color that suits best with the images in the line sheet. Your line sheet must be well-organized. Always bear in mind that a disorganized line sheet can cost you a sale.

  • Review and edit:

It’s the time to take another look at the lien sheet you have just created. You do not want to miss anything, so check the line sheet again. Make sure that the logo is visible and fonts are consistent. Make sure that you have included the correct prices in the line sheet. You do not want to bear losses, so set the prices carefully.

Make sure that all the images are of high quality and clear. All the images should be of the same size on the sheet.

  • Download and send:

Once you check everything and are sure that the information you have included in the sheet is correct, you can download it. The modern software comes with the function to send it directly to potential buyers through email.

So, here were your options when it comes to making a line sheet. Now it is entirely your call which you opt for.

Why are line sheets great?

When you have catalogs, then why you need a line sheet? This is the question that arises in many people’s minds when they are being told that line sheets are important. Well, line sheets and catalogs are different from one another, as already explained above. Since the catalog consists of multiple pages, it can be expensive to print. Also, they cost much more to update.

But the line sheets are great as they are much easier to update. You do not need any professional help to update the lien sheets. Since line sheets contain the required information, only the buyer can focus on one specific collection. The buyer does not need to go through the entire document to find what they need.

The line sheets focus on the key points only. It does not contain any ling paragraphs or text. From a sales point of view, a brand must make both a line sheet and a catalog. A glamorous looking catalog always leaves a great impression and is useful in telling your brand story. Line sheets are best for seasonal collections. So, a combination of both documents can help you get brand recognition.

Drawbacks of line sheets:

Well, line sheets are important for wholesale brands and help them increase their sales. Are there any drawbacks to a line sheet too? Well, yes, there are a few drawbacks to the line sheets as well. A line sheet is one or two-page document that contains information about the product, product line, and wholesale. The single-page sheet does not look as glamorous as a catalog.

You cannot discuss any background information about your products in the line sheet. You just have to be specific. You have to focus on the products only. A line sheet is not your marketing tool. You cannot ask potential buyers or directly convince them to buy your products. You just tell them how they can buy your products.

Should I make a line sheet?

If you are already in the wholesale business or planning to start, make a great line sheet to impress your potential buyers. A well-organized line sheet creates a great first impression. It convinces them to place an order. A line sheet makes your brand appear more professional, and retailers love to work with professional brands.

Line sheets can help you showcase your products most efficiently to the potential buyer. The buyer will have all the information at a glance. It makes the buying process simple and easier. All you have to do is to make sure you do not make the buyer search for anything.

You can make a customize line sheet as per your customer’s requirements too. In fact, this is the best strategy. You need to be careful while making a line sheet as there should be no grammar mistakes or typos. These mistakes leave a wrong impression.

Final verdict:

A line sheet is an essential tool that helps businesses irrespective of their size to boost sales. But the key is to make a great line sheet. Your line sheet will create a great first impression on clients. They will be looking forward to working with you again. So, what are you waiting for? Make an effective line sheet today and start impressing your potential buyers.

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