Creating a To-do App? Why Angular + Laravel the Best Deal?

We function in activities. Without a routine or things to do, life becomes too monotonous. If we think it through, we’ll realize that we really never run out of things to do, even if we are sleeping, we are doing something.

Don’t you sometimes write on your notepad “sleep 8 hours” in the tasks you aim to achieve by the end of the day?

These tasks are to be completed in the given time and appropriately executed. When your friends ask you about your weekend plans, don’t you take out your planner and tell them what all things you have to achieve during this time frame? Or if you can manage a little time from here and there?

Does your planner, too, have a checklist you need to tick box before a specific date?

A checklist like:

Tasks to do by midnight:

  • Shop for cousin
  • Collect clothes from the cleaner
  • Submit my paper
  • Sleep for at least 8 hours
  • Go grocery shopping

This list is known as a “to-do list.” Now imagine how comfortable it would be to take this list from paper to mobile phones? The need to carry a pen and notepad around would definitely be eliminated.

And what if I tell you that you can be the one making this easiness possible to reach millions of people’s pockets, by developing a single-page application to maintain a good to-do list.

If you are an entrepreneur, there can be nothing better than developing a simple and efficient application used by almost everyone.

But how to do it?

Well, tell you the way, but let’s first start with the basics.

What is a to-do application?

Each individual needs to keep a solid track of all the tasks they need to do, which has been taken care of by the traditional “to-do” list.

However, since we live in the digital era, these traditional ways can now be converted into more easy, appropriate, tech-based solutions.

Therefore, the conventional to-do paper-pen list has been replaced by great digital solutions.

By these “digital solutions,” we refer to all single-page applications tracking all the tasks you need to do within a given time frame.

If you plan on developing a to-do application, make sure to pay careful attention while creating it, since it can be too personal for your users. And your users can outright reject your app if they develop even the slightest bit of skepticism.

It is essential to build a to-do app in a way closest to perfection.

And the two technologies proven efficient in carrying out the task are Angular and Laravel.

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is a Javascript-based framework built by Google and released in 2016.

It is used to create applications that are dynamic and robust.

It is responsible for carrying out the front-end development of an app giving it the incredible benefits of Model View Controller (MVC), while dynamically lowering the development time necessary to develop a fully-functional web app.

If you need an in-depth knowledge of the technology, it is better to hire angular JS developers and gain all the necessary expertise.

Note: The version AngularJS 2.0.0 and further are known as “Angular,” while the versions below are known as “AngularJS.”

Benefits of AngularJS:

  • Provides great server performance
  • Offers two-way data-binding
  • Works on the MVVM model
  • Testing is easy and efficient
  • You can develop faster, smarter prototype

However, to get the most of these benefits, you will have to find the right angular developers for hire. Only with a professional, you’ll be able to optimize all advantages necessary for your application.

What is Laravel?

Laravel refers to one of the most popular PHP frameworks and believed to be one of the best by many PHP programmers. It is responsible for carrying out the back-end related tasks of a web app. Laravel is an open-source framework and is conveniently accessible while developing a web app.

Laravel was developed by Tyler Otwell, with its first release in June 2011. It allows web development using the incredible MVC pattern.

Laravel provides an array of brilliant APIs, offering a modular packaging system with dependency managers. It also provides various ways of assessing relational databases, which can be later used in-app maintenance and deployment.

Laravel indeed holds unbeatable power. However, to get hold of the most potent technology, you will have to hire dedicated laravel developersto efficiently carry out all tasks.

Benefits of Laravel:

  • Extensive support of the brilliant MVC architecture
  • Offers lightweight templates
  • The authentication process is easy
  • Freedom to choose your routing system
  • Offers form input validation along with form request

The process of excelling Laravel implementation is no different; you will have to look for laravel developers for hire if you aim to obtain the maximum out of the minimum.

The process of developing a great “to-do” app:

  • Getting Started:

Using Angular for the client-side and Laravel at the server-side, we will develop a fully functional to-do app. To make the most of Angular, it is better to create RESTful services using Laravel.

To develop a RESTful service, we’ll first have to prep us Laravel:

  • Prepping up Laravel:

There are certain things you will have to do prior to directly running your Laravel app.

No, it’s not complicated, the process is smooth, and almost all parts are bootstrapped by Laravel to provide it with even more ease.

Start with a fresh project, “Laravel-Angular-todo.”

  • Getting the Database Ready:

Before heading on to the development phase, the initial task to perform is to ensure the database is set right, keeping as minimum constructs as possible.

  1. Build database migration to design a table in MySQL.
  2. Then create a database model for your app.
  • Creating a Controller:

Now that you have set artisan command, you must move further to develop a controller making use of the command line within the Laravel folder app.

Use command: php artisan make:controller TodoController

The command will develop a controller file. Further, we shall implement the RESTful services to facilitate constant communication with Angular just by integrating the CRUD functionality.

  • Configuring a Router:

Moving further, the next step would be to set up the router to enable the RESTful services to make use of the controller. The router is utilized to direct the URL request to the controllers.

However, Laravel allows it to be executed by pointing it to the router itself. This is more easy and flexible than MVC.

Note:  even if you consider yourself to be a tech-head, but lack development skills, it is nearly impossible for you to carry out the entire coding by yourself. Therefore you must look for Laravel developers for hire to execute your plans into great technology.

  • Setting-up Angular:

Now that you are done by adequately setting up the Laravel, including the CRUD operations in the REST form, the next step would be to set up Angular.

  • Initiate the set up by setting up the folder structure as per your needs and choices.
  • Creating Angular Service:

We need to develop our application’s angular service using the Angular factory to segregate the REST API calls. This will ensure your app’s API remains reusable in the future as well. Hence eliminating the scope of your app’s controller to ever be cluttered with a lot of $http() calls.

This way is easy and clean.

  • Creating Angular Routes:

If you aim to make efficient use of Angular’s architecture for implementing SPAs, the best thing you can do is, choose Angular routes.

Adding to that, angular routes are responsible for organizing the views, appointing the perfect controller to the view without having to inject the ng-controller in every of the dom scope.

  • The next task would be to create a controller along with the main module to start using the REST API in the Angular, making use of the services we have created.
  • Since our application is integrated with routing, we must build a partial view template for the route to function properly.
  • And the final step would be to develop an index.php inside the views/public folder.

Note: To ensure it works at its highest capacity, you will have to hire dedicated Laravel developers before directly developing to refrain yourself from tangling the process to the extent that it becomes impossible to solve.


The entire process of developing a Single Page Application or a to-do app using both Laravel and Angular is short and straightforward. However, you would still require a professional with considerable experience and knowledge to guide you in development.

It is crucial for the developer you decide to hire to have a thorough knowledge of both the technologies. Both techs together can provide your application with 2x power, double the efficiency, double the performance, and double the likeness users will develop towards your app.

The key to success lies in the hands of the resource you hire. Be wise while choosing to hire anyone with this simple yet not so simple task.

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