Dark Joseph Ravine on the Power of Kindness

Being good to people can sometimes be a major challenge for us. We are often more inclined to take out our anger on people as opposed to speaking respectfully to them. People may even test our patience and we are likely to feel justified in behaving the way we do. But why is it that we lack empathy for others and cannot treat them properly at times? This is a question we must reflect on. Is it because we want something another person has that we do not have? Is it because we feel that acting rudely will help us get what we want and is a more worthwhile goal than kindness? Dark Joseph Ravine reveals what outcomes result from kindness and how powerful these outcomes can be.

One act of kindness is all it really takes to make a difference. Whether the act of kindness is big or small, acts of kindness can make the world a better place. It is important to be kind to everyone because one never knows when one may need them. Ravine notes, “I make numerous donations yearly to people in need because I never know if one day, I may need them. Nothing makes me happier than helping someone who needs me.”

Kindness acts do not necessarily involve giving others money, these can be talking with someone about life problems, these can be assisting someone physically, these can also be guiding someone through their challenges, and changing someone’s life for the better. There are many acts of kindness that can make a major difference in the lives of others. We are always taught that “kindness is free”.

Sometimes, we may wonder how people earn the respect of others when they do not show other people kindness. We may believe people respect those who are unkind and disdain those who do kind acts. However, nothing could be further from the truth. While unkind people may resort to acts of intimidation and use criticism to get their way, a kind person has no need to behave in this manner. Rather, a kind person will inspire the respect of others while an unkind person may have the compliance of others, though not necessarily their respect.

Ravine notes, “We may think that rich and famous people do not do kind acts. They may seem entitled and indifferent to the pain of others. However, there are some celebrities who have debunked this myth. They have performed kind acts towards those in need and have donated large amounts of money to charity.” We can learn from celebrities to give our time and money to those in need.

There is another misconception that one who practices acts of kindness is acting out of weakness. One may think that giving to others will result in one losing one’s strength, but this is simply untrue. Power comes from performing acts of kindness for others because it takes strength of character and internal discipline to place someone else’s needs before your own. When one goes against one’s innate nature and makes sacrifices for those in need, that is a genuine display of power.  

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