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Dating in the Modern Era – Everything You Need to Know

Behind every marriage, there is a dating story, how you met your significant other, how you got to know each other, how you started dating, and finally how you married. It might sound simple, but anyone who has tried dating several times should confirm how difficult it can be sometimes.

Talking of difficulties, this new era hasn’t eased things at all. Well, for some it has, but for others, they are still struggling to find love. So, what does the new era have to offer to the dating life? Is it positive? Are people enjoying the hookups? Or is it challenging? Here’s everything you need to know about dating in the modern era.

Online Dating

The introduction of the internet, particularly the website, changed everything. You probably wonder where online dating started. Some people took the advantage of internet connectivity and created websites where people could meet, engage, get know each other, and even start dating. It is quite an interesting way to date, right?

Dating websites keep on changing for the better. First, there are new ones that mushroom every day with new features such as video calls, location detectors for ease of connectivity, and a lot more. Also, today, we have dating apps, which are accessed via smartphones and we will them below.

Introduction of Dating Apps

In the olden days, people used to meet at parties, hotels and the like in order to start dating. The only thing that could make you find a partner is by moving from place to place. The more you travel, the more the chances of finding love.

Come to the modern era and things are a whole lot different. The advanced technology has created better chances of dating through online platforms. There are many apps that have been created for the purposes of dating alone and all kind of individuals are flooded here looking for someone to date.

Can you imagine finding love through apps and the internet? It’s amazing, right? You just find your date when you are indoors and get to know them more. You plan your dates and meet whenever you want to.

Social Media Dating

Apart from dating websites and apps, social media is also playing a big role in modern dating. Perhaps you have heard about blind dates where people decide to meet physically after getting to know each other and dating for a long time on social media platforms. Apart from the random meeting of these platforms, there are also social media platforms that are dedicated to helping people meet their partners. This is unlike the old days when there were no social media platforms and people had to meet physically to date.

New Dating Language

Dating in the modern era has brought about a lot of changes. You also need to learn the language it has come with. This refers to the words that are mostly used when you are dating online. Some are ghosting, which means the act of vanishing from the life of your partner. There’s also swiping left, which in simple terms means dismissing a person as your date in a very short time. Don’t forget cookie-jarring, where you still want to keep someone as a back-up just in case your current partner disappears.

Other words include benching, which is almost similar to cookie-jarring and also breadcrumbing where you just send noncommittal texts to your date to keep them on hold.

Many Choices

A few decades ago, when dating was highly valued, it was very rare to find a date, and if you were lucky enough to find one, you would stick to them for a long time and sometimes marry them. Come to the modern era where there are many dating sites and many opportunities to find what you need. People have a lot of options to pick from that they can dispose of their current partner and get another one within a few hours.

According to research, when one has a lot of options, the levels of anxiety and depression can be increased. So, if you want a healthy relationship in the modern era, it is advisable to avoid some of the drawbacks that might lead to challenges.

In Conclusion

It is critical to make your own rules and restrictions in order to survive dating in the modern era.

If the dating apps don’t work out for you, then there’s no problem with trying it the old way. Also, understand the language that is being used, and lastly keep your choices as minimal as possible to avoid wasting your time.

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