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Dealing With Health Problems As You Get Older

Getting older is challenging and it’s hard letting go of some independence. You may find that you’re not as spritely as you used to be or as efficient as you would like. It’s not unusual to discover you need some help as you get older and there is no shame in asking. What if you have some health issues and live alone? What options are available?


There are several possibilities if you need extra help at home. If you only need assistance with tasks such as gardening, housework or cooking you could research local companies that offer services. Be sure to talk to family members about your needs. Many relatives would be happy to give up some of their time to help.

If you are happy to consider a move, then there are senior communities available that offer assisted living where you have access to medical care without compromising your independence. When you choose to live in an assisted living complex you have the security of knowing that should the need arise there is help available; it also has the benefit of increasing social connections with other residents, enhancing well being and avoiding isolation.


Looking after your health to help minimize the risk of illness is imperative as you get older. If you don’t already, having a yearly flu shot will help prevent getting seriously ill from a virus. As you get older, complications from flu-related illness increases, so avoiding it altogether is a wise decision.

Bodily processes such as metabolism and muscle strength deteriorate as you age, so you should follow a healthy diet and get enough exercise if you can. Weight gain makes you more vulnerable to age-related conditions such as high blood pressure, strokes, diabetes and heart disease.

Arthritis can be problematic as you age, but keeping your body moving, even just with daily walking, can help keep muscles supple, flexible and strong and help you stay mobile for longer.


With so many physical and mental changes it’s easy to become despondent in later years. However, it’s possible to embrace these changes and view them with a positive mindset.  Extra time during retirement can mean you can reflect on all you’ve achieved in life, but also plan things you can realistically get involved in now.

It is a fact that you are never too old to make new friends. Forming bonds from different generations enables you to widen your perspective. Making friends with younger people means you can share your experience, knowledge and wisdom to help others. Ignore modern narratives of age being a time to slow down and take up boring activities and stay at home; this only creates barriers and is often not a view shared by the majority. Sharing common interests and views are more important than age. Age gap friendship is a great opportunity for mutual learning.

There is no avoiding getting old, but it is possible to grow old with style and with the right help, support, and people your life will continue to be rich and happy.

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