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Belt shopping may be an adventure in and of itself. It’s not like buying other apparel items since the belt is unique. It’s one of the few pieces of men’s Jewellery that is made to the wearer’s specific specifications. Nearly anybody may purchase men’s ties and socks, but men’s leather belts must be custom-made to fit the wearer.

Measuring First

When placing an order for a men’s belt, the first thing to consider is the belt’s actual size. A belt’s width is usually measured in inches, much like a pair of pants. It isn’t the same as buying a pair of jeans, where you should go by the wearer’s waist measurement. Purchase a belt at least two inches larger than the one you already own. For example, if your average pant size is 32, you should get a belt that is 34.

There must be room for overlap when a belt is fastened. Some guys love a long tail, while others prefer a shorter one. Make sure you ask the person you’re shopping for what size they like before making a purchase. It is better to measure twice and buy once.

Belts and shoes are a perfect match

Some factors must be taken into account in addition to the correct measurement. Depending on the belt colour and breadth, shoes can be chosen based on their colour and style. In addition, the environment has a role. In a company event you may be hosting a business dinner for prospective clients. It’s incredible how well a belt can complete an outfit.

Black men’s leather belts with black shoes and brown belts with brown shoes have a sleek appearance that is both elegant and fashionable.

There are two examples of mismatched colours- a brown belt with black shoes or a black belt with brown shoes that stand out against one another. If it’s a suit, this is especially true. This type of contrast draws attention to the improper parts of the ensemble. As a final goal, you want to present yourself as polished and well-coordinated as possible to attract new clients with your impressive plan. The suit makes you feel confident, and the belt and men’s dress shoes help you seal the deal with your outfit.

Black shoes and belts are often preferred for more metropolitan, formal gatherings by some fashion trendsetters—that is, “no brown in town.” While it’s true that wearing a black belt with black shoes elevates your look, either black or brown shoes look great with a suit as well. Make sure your belt and shoes match at the end of the day—or even while you’re just getting ready!

Allow the Belt to Complement the Outfit as a Whole

Only one width is acceptable for a belt: none of the other options is acceptable. Instead, the most refined belt may be determined by the rest of your outfit and the surrounding atmosphere. A broader belt could be a better option than a narrower one when wearing men’s jeans. A 1-3/8″ wide belt would be considered a “wider” belt as a general guideline. “Inches wide or more—can enhance denim’s innate ruggedness. Additionally, a broad belt with jeans and a vibrant plaid flannel shirt or a striking chambray button-down look terrific together. It’s a sturdy, classic style for a man of your gender.

In contrast, wearing the same width belt with a suit might seem bulky and untidy. As an alternative, try a “dress width” belt. That’s about 1-3/16 of an inch in diameter, “a few inches or so. This may appear to be a slight variation on paper, but it creates a striking visual contrast when viewed in context. The narrower width of a dress belt allows it to disappear into the waistband of pants, giving the wearer a more formal appearance.

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