Dental HR: Why Your Practice Needs It

One of the biggest healthcare services is dentistry and like most sectors, sourcing top employees is essential. We all know how complex employment laws are and when you join forces with the right HR help, your practice will employ the right people to create a sustainable future for your clinic within the community.

Sourcing & Screening Potential Employees

If you choose the right candidates, your practice will benefit greatly and the HR consultant has top dental professionals on their books and can screen all applicants, helping you to find the best employees to take your practice to the next level. If you are looking for a trainee hygienist or a top-rated receptionist, simply list the preferred experience and qualities and let your HR partner screen their database to find the perfect employees.

Manage Your Payroll

Even a small dental practice needs to be on top of their payroll and when you forge a working alliance with a leading healthcare HR company, all of your payroll needs are serviced by a team of professionals. Social security contributions must be calculated and paid, while timesheets need to be collected and holiday schedules filled in. This enables you to get some temporary cover when a member of your staff takes leave and you will receive a notification when staff leave is due.

Creating An Employee Handbook

If you have your very own employee handbook, this instils confidence in potential candidates; things like expected outcomes, clear employment policies and some do’s and don’ts, should all be included. New employees should be given a presentation pack that includes everything they need in order to gain an insight into your organisation, which demonstrates that you care about your employees.

Labour Laws & Compliance

The labour laws are indeed complex and with the best dental practice human resources support in your corner, you are assured total compliancy. The last thing your practice needs is an issue with the Department of Employment and the HR agency can help you create clear employment policies that reduce the risk of any worker issues.

Dealing With Legal Issues

A dental practice is at risk of being sued and should that ever happen, you need expert legal advice and representation. Medical malpractice lawsuits often arise and that’s when you need some expert legal advice; your HR partner is dedicated to their clients and any legal issues need to be handled by professionals. If, for example, someone was unhappy with the outcome of their dental treatment, they might take legal action and you have to respond in a timely manner.

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You can’t afford to take any chances with your HR needs and talking to a leading HR healthcare consultancy is the smart thing to do. They have the know-how and the resources to take care of all of your HR needs and compliance with complex employment laws is assured. Only with the right employees can you enjoy long-term sustainability and once you find a good healthcare HR services provider, the sky is the limit.

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