About Dental implants 

Everyone desires to look beautiful in their own way. Having a Smile in their face is an additional ornament in this desire of beauty. Dental Implants are the way for any individual to have their desirable smile. Dental implants are the medical devices used to surgically implant teeth into the jaw. It helps the person to have the ability of chewing again and their appearances. This article talks about how a doctor can close the gaps in a patient’s smile with the help of implant bridges. These devices provide the support to the artificial teeth, such as bridges, dentures etc. 

Why we need Dental Implants

Whenever a person loses a tooth due to disease like cavity or dental injury, it is experiencing difficulties like pain while chewing, rapid bone loss, and defective speech. The pattern of chewing also changes due to loss of a tooth. These devices can replace the lost tooth with an artificial tooth which can improve the quality of health and life of the patient significantly. Dental implant system consists of a fixture, abutment and prosthesis. The fixture is the small screw shaped structure which is planted under the gums after the surgeon makes a small hole and places it on the jawbone. The abutment connects the fixture with the prosthesis with the help of a screw. It can be either made of a tooth colored material or a metal. Also can be placed with the fixture permanently or can be separated from the fixture. The prosthesis is the upper part of the dental implant system which acts and looks like the real tooth and helps in chewing or fulfilling its appearance. 

Dental bridge or the implant bridge has four main types. 

  • Traditional
  • Cantilever
  • Maryland
  • Implant-supported

The traditional dental bridge is made up of a false tooth placed on a dental clown and is cemented on each of the abutment teeth.

The cantilever dental bridge is almost the same as a traditional bridge. It is placed by a dental clown who is cemented on one abutment tooth. 

It is also the same as the traditional bridge, which employs two abutment teeth on each side of the gap. But this type of bridge uses frameworks of either porcelain or of metal which is placed on the back of an abutment tooth. 

The implant supported dental bridge uses dental implants which are opposed to frameworks or crowns. In this type of bridge, one implant is placed for all missing teeth and the bridge holds all teeth together. This type of Implant Bridge isn’t possible for one tooth, as it holds many teeth on one framework. This bridge is considered as the most stable and strongest implant bridge. And it takes two surgeries to implant teeth on the jawbone. Those are

  • Embed the implant bridges in the jawbone &
  • Surgery for placing the dental bridge

Components of dental Implants

The common purpose of the Teeth are catching and masticating food. However, in a social sense, bright and aligned teeth are the basis foundation of a smile for an individual. Most of the people done there dental implants from two reason either they lost their tooth and having kind s of issues in chewing and eating, and other does this for fashion or for having desirable smile. 

Whatever the reasons may be, the dental implant has been done through one basic and simple mechanism, which is “nut and bolt”. An Average dental implant has two components, one is Implant post and other is Implant Crown.  Implant post is the part, which is fixed under the jawbone; it creates the base for the crown implantation. Basing on the type of tooth and type of the material cost of the implant post varies from 400$ to 1000$. Traditionally titanium is being used for Implant posts. However, materials such as zirconia are also used for this. Zirconia is a type of ceramic, many people are well aware of having metal implants in their body thus by spending more dollars they get zirconia implanted post for them. 

The next part of the dental implant is the most crucial part that is the crown. Crown is made of zirconia, titanium, gold, silver etc. As many people are using their implants as a fashion element nowadays; thus range of materials for crown preparation is wide. Based on the material and the type of tooth the cost of the crown varies, in some cases cost for a single tooth implant starts from $1000. As the crown is the external part thus crown decay is also a common failure factor of dental implant. Thus the crown needs to be checked and upgraded on a schedule basis; however, schedule gaps depend on the crown materials. 

Expected Cost for Dental Implants

The Dental implants preserves natural tooth tissue of the jaw through avoiding need for cutting down the adjacent teeth for conventional bridgework. The cost of dental implantation depends on several kinds of aspects. Starting from the materials of dental implants to the type of tooth, the “budget structure” of dental implants depends on multiples areas.  As it is discussed above that the implant post is mostly made of titanium thus the starting cost of this procedure costs $200. However, depending on the Jaw bone density and the place of implant post this cost varies. However, zirconia posts are hard managing and long last thus zirconia post cost more than titanium. On the other hand Crown are made different martial thus depending on the crown materials it varies from $500 to $1000. Several pother aspects such a gum diseases and removal of residue tooth of broken tooth piece is also causing some additional charges to this area. In LA the price of depended dental implants depeneding on the places or clinics, means depending on the facilities and services; the cost of dental implants varies. Well! Dental implants are the reason to have a good smile thus some dollars for good smile is worth speeding.  

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