DevOps: Development Precedence and Services Peculiarities

DevOps is a kind of ideology based on the fundamental processes of combining into a single work on the development, commissioning, and maintenance of software products. At the same time, the use of certain DevOps professional services provides a unique opportunity to shorten work cycles, accelerate work completion, and improve deployment. The quality of the product offered to the user also undergoes significant changes. It becomes higher, which means that the loyalty of the audience increases.

It’s possible to express the whole essence of DevOps in simpler words. In this case, DevOps is a set of necessary services that serve to optimize IT processes and speed up the IT infrastructure. They make it much easier to reduce improvement time, increase productivity and efficiency of software development, and amend the value of the final product.

What appeared to be the driving force of DevOps development over the past 10 years?

Technological changes over the past decade laid the foundation for DevOps practice. Back in 2009, most companies worked with a limited set of infrastructure resources, hosting providers, or data centers. Over time, the demand for the rapid development of new business solutions has grown significantly, while the creation of technology platforms in data centers or hosting providers has scaled and changed rather slowly. It became clear that this type of tight tuning and limited capacity could not keep pace with the speed of business change.

Since companies needed either off-the-shelf platform solutions or even end-to-end technology services, it was clear that scalable technology platforms should be available. It was also obvious that existing infrastructures could serve limited teams of systems engineers and this created risks for the business. As cloud providers began building flexible technology platforms, they covered these critical demands of rapid growth for businesses, allowing companies to scale up and down in the infrastructure. The result of this flexibility was affordable and transparent to the business: the time and cost savings were enormous compared to on-premises data center solutions that had to be planned and financed in advance.

The development of DevOps services and tools has been significantly influenced by the provision of APIs for cloud services, allowing developers to customize the infrastructure platform and services through declarative code – an approach that is now well-known as Infrastructure as Code. Today’s companies go through stages where there is an “old and new world”, that is, evolutionary development, so they have different points of view on DevOps.

What do modern DevOps services offer?

The well-known TemaBit Company offers various business solutions but the DevOps services usage is useful for the:

  • Cloud infrastructure creation.
  • Delays or gaps between releases reducing.
  • Needs monitoring.
  • Friction reduction.
  • Timeframes and costs minimizing.
  • Positive and profitable experience.

The TemaBit team of specialists has lots of real-world experience. Moreover, they are constantly engaged in self-development and follow current trends, keeping up with the times. Our company consists of high-level professionals, who do their best to find out the client’s needs and set up an evaluation.

Business Process Management (BPM) is regarded as a practice that involves modeling/designing, executing, monitoring, and optimizing a company’s business processes, including end-to-end ones. Optimally tuned process management helps departments to work effectively, efficiently, and harmoniously. This refines the service quality to the company’s customers.

BPM is responsible for primary and secondary business performance moments. The former brings the basic product creation into focus. The second ones are responsible for such processes as accounting, procurement, HR, etc.

A well-known TemaBit Company offers the possibility to follow the main trends and keep up with the times due to K2 BPM. Special attention is paid to the efficient K2 Blackpearl system.

Blackpearl: Peculiarities you Need to Know

K2 Blackpearl is a process-oriented application development platform. It’s software for workflow automation and business process management systems building, which allows developing applications for SharePoint and integrating solutions on the Microsoft platform with SAP.

K2 Blackpearl is based on .NET. It replaces the traditionally complex software development process with an easy-to-use intuitive tool. The platform enables businessmen and technologists to use process management applications that precisely meet the growing needs of the organization.

The highlight of K2 Blackpearl is K2 Designer for SharePoint, a drag-and-drop kit that allows building workflows, streamlining operations, reducing costs, and increasing clarity of processes in a familiar and convenient web interface.

What makes the K2 Blackpearl user-friendly?

  • Visibility of the process.
  • Useful features.
  • Flexibility in choosing the path to perform tasks.
  • Ability to adapt to the user’s familiar working environment.

The TemaBit Company is regarded as one of the most responsible online providers for Data Science, BPM, and other solutions. It lays emphasis on modern technologies that are able to solve business challenges and meet the client’s demands all over the world.

All the processes are performed at a high level, quick, and without unpredictable delay. Everything is clear and highly professional, so the customer will definitely remain satisfied with the increased online presence.

The company employs only experienced professionals who constantly improve their level and development.

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