Diamond Shape And Ring Sizer Chart: Which Shape Is Right For You?

Which type of diamond shape should you choose? Where should you learn more about different shapes? And what’s the best size for your ring? You’ll need to pay close attention to all three questions if you want to figure out the answer for yourself.

What is a diamond shape?

Diamond shape is the most popular ring size, and it is often the best shape for someone’s finger. Diamond shapes fall into two main categories: round and princess.

Round diamonds are the most common type, and their diameter is measured in millimeters. They are usually the best choice for someone who wants a versatile ring that can be styled in many different ways. Princess diamonds are slightly wider than round diamonds and have a higher weight to size ratio. They are better for people who want a more exclusive ring that will only be worn by select individuals.

The following table provides information on each of the diamond shape categories and which one is best suited for each person. It also lists the average width and height of each type of diamond, as well as its cut rating.

What are the different shapes of a diamond?

Different shapes of diamonds are designed to fit different types of engagement rings. A round diamond is the most popular shape, but there are also princess cuts and other shapes that appeal to different buyers.

Here is a chart with descriptions of each diamond shape and the type of ring it is best suited for:

Round Diamonds: Round diamonds are the most popular diamond shape and they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They’re the best choice for traditional weddings or tiara-style rings.

Princess Cut Diamonds: Princess cut diamonds are triangular in shape and they’re perfect for stacking with other round diamonds or oval stones in simple or complex rings. They’re also favored by women who want a timeless look for their jewelry.

Emerald Cut Diamonds: Emerald cut diamonds have a unique pattern on their surface created by cuts that go down both sides of the diamond. These round gems are typically smaller than other types of diamonds and they’re popular among women who love unique accessories or designs on their jewelry. 

Halo AndViolet Crowncut Diamonds: Halo and violet crowncut diamonds have intricate patterns that surround a larger center gemstone. This type is typically reserved for luxury goods like watches, where extra attention to detail is desired. 

The above diamond shapes are just a few examples; there are dozens more available on the market! In order to find the right one for you, it’s important to consult with a jeweler

How to find your ideal ring size chart height

If you’re wondering what ring size to choose, there are a few different ways to go about finding your perfect fit. You can consult with a jeweler, take their advice and choose the size that they suggest, or use one of many ring sizer charts available online.

There is no one “right” answer when it comes to selecting the right ring size – it depends on your personal preferences and what type of diamond you plan on purchasing. However, if you want help choosing the right size, consulting with a jeweler is always a good option. They will have access to more sizing options and may be able to tell you which type of diamond would best suit your needs.

One popular method for finding your ideal ring size is by using a ring sizer chart. These charts are designed to accurately represent different finger sizes, and they can be found online or in most jewelry stores. By referencing the chart and inputting your hand measurements into the corresponding boxes, you can easily find your perfect fit.

Some people find it helpful to print out several versions of the chart so that they have multiple options for comparison. This way, if one size doesn’t work for them due to an incompatible diamond or fabrication style, they can try another without hesitation.

Whatever method you choose for finding your perfect ring size, just remember that there is no “standard” size – every finger is unique and should be measured accordingly.


When it comes to getting married, there is no wrong answer when it comes to the diamond shape and ring size you choose. However, if you are unsure which shape would be best for your individual personality and style, our ring sizer chart can help. Our diamond shape and ring size charts list each type of diamond in both a round and marquise form so that you can see how they look on the hand. Not sure what size is right for you? Scroll down to find out!

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