Differences between PRINCE2 and Scrum

In the UK PRINCE2 is popularly known as the most widely identified methodology in project management. Project management standard features for PRINCE2 qualifications are quite high in specifications of jobs and having experience and knowledge in the project role. And also getting trained in PRINCE2 within the aligned organization.

Nowadays the agile method popularity is spreading and reaching many managers to analyze and implement the approaches in a flexible way in their business organization. The need to educated and informed in different methods to ensure project success and regular employment. Here in this article we will discuss and explore more about PRINCE2 and Scrum Key difference.

Differences between PRINCE2 and Scrum

The main and vital fundamental difference between Scrum and PRINCE2 is that Scrum is used by teams and it is an agile development approach whereas Scrum methodologies are project management former.

In Scrum development, they work with teams of people together in a collaborative organization with customers. In this method, they have a repetitive cycle of iterations to define the requirements and prioritize the requirements for developing and feedback cycles for the testing phase. Which gives you the key points for team members to do work effectively. They have the team answer for every question which has to deliver. And also keep in mind what customer needs for working software.  

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Before Scrum started in software companies and nowadays it is used in software industries.

When we come across PRINCE2 these methodologies are used to manage and control the projects to enable the organization. It enhances the key guidance for stakeholders for enabling the project to manage the work effectively. The main role of stakeholders in PRINCE2 is to know the benefits of costs and risks in projects.

Important areas to concentrate in PRINCE2 and Scrum

The PRINCE2 method is a combination of seven principles which ensure all the aspects of methods of project management. They describe the project management team and ensure the roles and responsibilities of the team and project manager of the board and with roles of project assurance.

PRINCE2 has different themes in project management and deals with change and risk management, business development, planning, and quality of organization that monitors the progress. It enables the benefits of sponsoring the companies for the success of PRINCE2 projects. They carry work with teams with different variety of expert skills for reporting the work accountability to be done.

The benefits of Scrum realized the concern with the larger questions of the project whether it is benefits afterward. Initially, it will not focus on the outcome of the project for delivering the products in the present situations in the most effective manner. The constant cycle for defining the requirements and prioritizing the products for developing and providing the feedback for the testing phase.

Approaches for Predictive and Adaptive methods

The main difference between the PRINCE2 and Scrum is that Agile is known for short-term which is an adaptive incremental plan based and PRINCE2 is predictive plan-based. The vital difference is that projects of agile focus on changes according to the customer requirements with more responsive modifications. Whereas projects of PRIINCE2 mainly focus on business goals.

The most identified Scrum method for software development frameworks. The development process of the operating system is unpredictable. Whereas it complete the Scrum transparency with close collaboration with limited frequency for usable products that even contribute to the outcome of the product.

Responding to changes

Scrum represents a vital role in the development of all the methods. This method is widely used as the principal requirement of customers. Which develops the flexible scrum approach and collaborations with the customers.

PRINCE2 is mainly designed for the outcomes of the projects. It ensures the customers for developing the deal with unconsidered demands of the clients. It focuses on the development team with direct responsibility for changing environment products.


Both the methods PRINCE2 and Scrum will not provide every instruction for project success. This method provides proper documents, flexible bundles of practice, adaptable layout provides a set of descriptions for management.

The vital thing about PRINCE2 Agile is that it is launched in 2015. The PRINCE2 project management increases the knowledge and benefits of predictive methods. Whereas Scrum benefits in Adaptive methods. Instead of choosing anyone approach, you can go through with both the approaches that are predictive and adaptive. Which will benefits the companies growth and improvements?

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