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Different types of Restaurant Tables available in the market

The new restaurants when in making has a great potential to incorporate all the variety of themes. If you are planning to set up a plush and luxurious restaurant, let us introduce you to some of the best table options available in the market. Remember the competition in culinary art is raging globally and the more finesse the better.

You have to notice the interiors first. A restaurant that is not appealing to look at, won’t be able to sustain itself in the market. Hence you should always focus on the decoration and themes of the interior decor ranges. Restaurant tables will always be a part of the decoration. You can never have a bright coloured chair or funky décor in a sophisticated themed restaurant.

Restaurant Tables play a key factor while setting up the place aesthetically. Hence your choice of tables and furnishing should be excellent to match the standards and quality. Let us take you through a plethora of options for selecting the best table for your restaurant.

Table ideas and types of furnishing for a perfect restaurant setup

Traditional dining table

You may purchase the square tables as well if you wish to accommodate a larger crowd at one table. The size of the table will be differing according to the number of people you want to allow on that table. The wooden ones complement the style and decor of the restaurants in a commendable way. The brownish texture and the glossy surface portray finesse and culture. You can get them framed in glass to enhance the beauty of the table further.

Restaurant Tables for two of four

Tables like these can be carved out of stone or wooden in texture. The approximate size ranges from around 24×24 to 36×48 inches. Thus you may get them in square or rectangular designs. They are the most popular choices for restaurants and hotel tables. Such tables are constructed out of granite or laminates according to the cost and budget of the restaurant owners.

Swing tables for magnificent rides

Nowadays you will find that restaurant owners have come up with unique table patterns for decorating the interiors of the place. One such innovation comprises the swing restaurant tables and hanging chairs. Such tables require more area to be able to give the greatest experience. These table are sure to attract more customers.

The high tables for clubs

The restaurant tables which are taller with longer bases and steel legs are generally preferred in pubs and sports bars. They are useful for engaging in a conversation while enjoying a light drink or while nibbling over the exclusive delicacies and cuisines of the house.

Such restaurant tables have a footrest to ensure the comfort of the guests and customers. The height is determined depending on the needs of the owner. They are usually circular or square with generally a 41-inch base. Remember the chairs will have footrest as well so make sure the table does have space below for better sitting experience.

Outdoor tables and booths for rooftop or garden setups

A restaurant can have outdoor section where food and other amusement will be available. You must install tables that are resistant to weather conditions like moisture or rain. Aluminium, wrought iron, or wicker is used to design such restaurant tables for outdoor setups. Also plastic tables are a good option where you can attach umbrellas to prevent direct sun rays.

Hence pay close attention to the choice of your restaurant tables which play a significant role in increasing the aesthetic of the place and consequently impact the sales positively. Consider the budget and then seek the advice of an interior planner to decide on the best table options and interior decor ideas for a glamorous yet comfortable restaurant.

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