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Digital Marketing Concepts: 5 Methods that Boost Perceivable Results

Not all methods used in digital marketing prove themselves as successful when analyzed later. There are plenty of well-marketed solutions, but they sometimes lack something in the delivery. For business owners, it’s necessary to sift through the various offers and digital marketing options to determine those approaches that are likelier to deliver meaningful results. Here are 5 methods likely to prove successful.

Purchasing Email Lists

When looking for more leads, it’s all about finding likely buyers. Obtaining a reliable list with email addresses and other contact information is invaluable when it’s pre-vetted and for your country. Australian email lists, for example, deliver a cost-effective way to boost subscriber numbers and reach out to future buyers with the most potential. For affordability, purchasing an Aussie email list from Lead Lists can reach people close to you whose interests align with what your business offers. This is an excellent starting point, rather than trying to find them online and marketing to them randomly. 

Social Media Influencer Marketing

Working with influencers in social media marketing takes advantage of their greater reach. An influencer will usually have a specific category that they cover and know well. Similarly, their audience of social media followers values their opinion. By working with them for promotional purposes, it provides the opportunity to expose the products or services to a wider and new audience. Using influencer marketing can boost brand awareness and quickly acquire new customers. Positive word of mouth from there may commence a movement of consumers interested in giving your brand the first try.

Building Links from Reputable Sources

The approach that’s somewhat slower but builds over the months, is active link building to the website. While natural links will eventually come in for the site when there’s something useful or valuable on it, that will take even longer. To move things along, it’s useful to work with organisations like Help a Reporter Out (HARO) to act as a source of quotes for news articles and to seek backlinks from other publications too.

Content and Video Marketing

Content and video marketing can provide information to prospective customers which are of use to them. This can serve to introduce the brand and establish the quality of what the company offers too. Becoming a dependable information source for customers within the industry plants a seed. It tells other competitors and customers alike that you’re serious about providing value in whatever form is needed. Customers then feel more comfortable doing business with you.

Email Newsletter

Following on from a content push is an email newsletter. However, many companies allow site visitors to opt-in to their newsletter and then barely send anything out. This is a lost opportunity. Using this online marketing channel effectively requires the dedication of resources to regularly create interesting emails that will educate, inform, and market to subscribers in equal measure. It also supports an expanding subscriber base and frequent content publishing too.

Not all marketing concepts for digital platforms are as effective as hoped for. Some become oversaturated and lose their effectiveness. Others later return into favour. So, mixing it up is necessary to test the waters and pivot to new digital marketing strategies as they become more useful.

Binta Adam

Binta Adam is a blogger and helps businesses in getting online visibility. She is an Islamic scholar and has well gripped on the Arabic language as well as English and Urdu. She also helped a variety of businesses ranging from digital marketing to b2b tools.
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