Discover Some Glaring Web Design Mistakes to Avoid to Attract More Traffic & Boost Conversions

In this digital era, your website is supposed to be the backbone of your business. Today as the onslaught of COVID-19 continues across the globe, if you are aspiring to run a business successfully, the best thing to do is to create a well-designed, responsive, and navigable website. Today, because of social distancing, lockdowns, and home isolation, more and more customers are looking for product information via the organization’s official website.

If your website has been designed flawlessly, you will leave a good first impression on the minds of your site’s visitors or potential customers. However, keep in mind that common web design blunders could end up derailing even your best endeavors. A good web designer not only knows what he should do while developing a web design, but he also knows things that he must not do. He should identify the common web design mistakes and steer clear of them if he desires to be successful. 

A well-designed website is the need of the hour as it proves to be immensely helpful in boosting your business’s growth. Remember a poor website will result in higher bounce rates. You will end up losing both valuable customers and money. Unfortunately, this is quite a common issue, and it takes place at an alarming frequency.

Several small business owners prefer to design their websites on their own just for saving money and having a complete grip over the project. They fail to realize that they can never match the competence and expertise of a professional web designer. Moreover, they have no knowledge and understanding of the fundamental concepts of a good and highly workable web design. As such, they end up creating a poor website. According to Search Engine Journal, your web design could be the underlying cause behind your site getting a relatively lower ranking in search engines. Hire experienced web design professionals who have mastered the art and they know that web design necessitates seamless integration of function and form that helps a website to become interesting, enjoyable, usable, and navigable. 

Web Design Mistakes That Could Break Your Business

Mistake: Failing to Choose the Design-Thinking Approach Much before Implementation

A common web design blooper committed by many designers is that they fail to realize and appreciate the significance of design thinking and chalking out the layout meticulously. Designers often make the mistake of undermining the importance of planning well in advance. Do not blindly assume things relating to users instead, conduct extensive research about your users so that you can understand and identify user requirements.

Following the design-thinking approach is supposed to be the key to coming up with addictive experiences for the visitors to the site. Design-thinking is supposed to be a process that helps you in understanding and identifying customer motivation and unique needs. It is known to be a mindset for empathizing with the clients, detail their issues, and come up with effective solutions for solving those issues. In this context, you should get in touch with a renowned web design company in Egypt for perfect web designing solutions.

The basic design-thinking approach helps web designers to focus on identifying goals, projecting scope, building business features, understanding user needs, solution feasibility, technological capabilities, and overall effectiveness. We understand that because of all these, designers can collect data-points for devising perfect sitemaps and wireframes even before relying on the right web designing software.

Do not ever forget that if a business cannot understand its customers, it will fail to design high-quality websites. Hence, it calls for both meticulous user research and empathy for understanding your customers’ preferences and things that they are passionate about.

Mistake: Not Providing Smooth Website Navigation

We often come across a website that leaves you completely perplexed since you seem to have absolutely no idea about what you should do next. In such a situation, you tend to panic and get away from the scene. You will not like your visitors to bounce off from your website. Your website should be navigable so that you know precisely what to do. Instead, you want them to know exactly what to do at just a glance. Moreover, you wish that Google’s web crawlers can understand your website. For achieving this, you should focus on prioritizing internal linking between the important pages on your website. 

Mistake: Having a Slow Page Loading Speed

Internet users are used to moving at lightning speed. They are whizzing through different social media platforms, speeding through numerous emails, and glancing through headlines appearing on the SERPs. It implies that when they click on your website and find that the site is incredibly slow and making them wait endlessly to load, they will bounce off at once.

They will go to some other website with the same information. Hence, if you want that your visitors should browse through your website, stay and spend some time on your website; it is of pivotal importance to ensure that your web pages load within 3 seconds. Often the WordPress theme you had chosen could be the culprit that makes your site take ages to load. You could fix this issue by getting rid of your sluggish theme and choose a tried and tested one instead. 

You may consider using the minimalistic and simple, Hello Elementor theme that allows incredible speed and a clean responsive interface. You could choose Ocean WP for enjoying an enchanting design but without compromising at all on speed. It is a highly responsive theme and looks amazing even on some of the smaller devices. Astra is supposed to be one of the most popular and fastest loading WordPress themes. Astra has fascinating pre-built demos meant for popular industries such as outdoor activities, pet care, and more. 

Mistake: Too Much Content & Clutter

Your website should have the right amount of information. Tool little information on your website may mean that you are not delivering the perfect solution to all your user queries and needs. Too much information may culminate in a solution that is difficult to consume, understand, or even access.

Designers often come up with extremely cluttered websites. A very common web design blooper is not coming up with scalable design right from the very beginning. It is predominantly the reason why businesses overhaul their website design.


There is no reason to worry as these website designs are pretty common and easy to fix and avoid. However, the most difficult step is to identify the web design mistakes. Now that you are aware of the mistakes that occur, try to avoid or even fix them.

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