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Discussion with Miami Director Luis Corchon About Ideas and Inspiration

Known in the industry as “LC,” Luis Corchon continues to expand his portfolio. His production company, Corchon Creative specializes in creating cinematic shorts for premium brands. We asked Corchon to describe his creative process.

“I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to work for brands that I love and understand. Ferrari is one of the companies that I have been creating for. Capturing the car is easy, as the engineering and design is truly a work of art. But how do we organize the captured images to present a story to our viewer?”

“It all starts with the music,” says the filmmaker. “The music sets the pace and the beats set the cuts. I like to sync the cuts to the beat. When I am thinking about editing my next piece, I start going through my music library. As I listen, I imagine the shots being combined with the song. It might take a few hours of listening but when I hear the right song it usually clicks and I know right away. That’s when I start to edit.”

Corchon is currently filming content for acclaimed brands, including Ferrari. Luis Corchon produces top notch results, impeccably capturing the embodiment and story of the brands he works with.

Read more about Luis Corchon and his stunning photographs on his website and Instagram.

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