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Does Java Choosing the Right Technology as your Career Option?

Java: Choosing the Right Technology as your career Option:

  • After completing graduation or post-graduation, if a student is anticipating starting a career in IT and want to join IT industry then definitely, he would have several questions in his mind. Students who might have heard about Java technology from their seniors or teachers of relatives or may be from their family members. 
  • So, after their completion of education they will be interested to start their career in java but still some concerns would be there like what is the salary scale of java developers and regarding the future scope of learning java instead of other technologies.

Scope and Opportunities of choosing Java for Fresher or entry level programmers:

  • So, here I will be discussing about Java technology scope and opportunities for those who are more interested to start their journey as a java intern or a java programmer. As all of you know java is founded by Sun microsystem and later acquired by Oracle Corporation in 2010.
  • So, most of you will be more concern about choosing your career technology as Java. The very generic question that comes to everyone’s mind is whether Java language/Technology is beneficial or not. So, it is required to know before the start of your IT career that Java is beneficial or not because Java is one of the most popular platforms i.e. vastly used to develop many applications for various enterprise systems and also it is not limited to only the enterprise systems but also in the spaces of smart phones, tablets, laptop like embedded devices.
  • The platform independency feature of java is the one which makes java more popular in the enterprise world. Also, as you know high portability feature of java where it is executed to a cross-platform JVM and this JVM is accumulated with byte code which makes it run with any system.
  • Furthermore, in the space of Application development also java plays a vital role and it is a key technology for app development also. Android applications are also built in using java language and the android OS basically runs on Java Environment.

Future scope of “Java” technology

  • Now, most important part to discuss is what is the scope of Java technology which would give an immense satisfaction for most of the Java aspirants.
  • The Java development scope in IT and other industries sectors in India or abroad can be evaluated from the predominant fact that most of the IT industries/organizations generate their primary revenue through their online web applications and android mobile/tablet/desktop applications.
  • Here, Java is not limited to the private industries only but also in government sectors also everything is being planned to digitalize and as all countries prefer to opt for digitalization, so there will be huge demand for java technology. If we talk about India, then “Digital India and Demonetization” programs will definitely create an demand for Java programmers.
  • Scope of java will really remain very powerful in present as well as in future also. The job opportunities in the field of java are numerous in the current market. So, for any fresher’s job basic java language is required in addition to the other new technologies like Java UI, JSF as well as Android. But the candidate should have the competent skills to grab any new opportunities as a java developer.
  • Most of the companies usually look for professionals who can manage multiple projects simultaneously. But I am not talking here about the experience professional java developers as these experience professions already have pioneered in java and they are highly salaried employees. But to start a career as a Java developer then a student must have to go through basic java fundamentals, object-oriented patterns and core and advance java concepts.
  • The future of java is really a critical factor for many of the java aspirants who wants to start their journey as a java programmer in any IT organization. I can say here that predicting future is based upon the result of the current opportunities and the scope of the development, need of the market, digitalized world and mainly the power of java sustaining for the future developments’ requirements and being the baseline platform for any new technologies.
  • We have already seen tremendous developments i.e. happening and also had happened in and around in past 15-20 years. With the development of desktop/Mobile applications which basically reduces the human workloads, Java has turned out to be one of the best technologies i.e. emerged as a boom to the IT industries and also for other industries.
  • Basically, a java developer’s primary job is to create and test a computer application program or many programs using Java, the very special programming language.

 Opportunities for Java developers?

Java is relevant and also it will continue to be relevant for many years in the world of enterprise computing. So now question arises whether it would be relevant or useful in the other areas then to answer this, it would be completely depending upon java’s features and platform friendly in the space of desktop or mobile applications. Oracle is trying its best to maintain Java’s sustainability to make it the no 1 platform for software development.

Firstly, the main reason for which java is preferably the strong choice is:

  • The most popular language in the enterprise world is java as there are many java developers working in the IT organizations compared to the other technology developers.
  • Most ongoing development is happening in the space of software development and also largest installation of Java in across many environments in many organizations.
  • Java still remains the most preferable language for enterprise application development.
  • Also, java’s popularity lies on its fastest performance for implementation and also combinations available for integrating with other technology applications.
  • The most important factor is that Java is the strategic platform i.e. supported by world’s technology giant companies like Google, IBM, Oracle, DELL, Apace software etc.
  • Java has got the substantial support from the various major technology users like Bank, Telecom, Media and Storage companies.
  • Java is widely used as a backend technology or we can say that as a server-side   technology in many popular IT companies and also most of the banking companies’ back-end system is designed using Java.
  • The main thing to notice that the  Banking and Telecom or Health care big MNCs are still relying on java for their backend system so foe these combines it would be very difficult to migrate to any other technology as it is going to be a nightmare for them.
  • So many backend applications integrations would impact if they change the language. So, obviously these companies will require more and more Java developers to give support to their backend systems/applications as well as for making any enhancements to their existing applications. This make them hire more and more experienced as well as Fresher Java developers
  • Like Java, for such a long time, no other language or platform still not have been in board.
  • Java, we can say is the closest thing in technology world’s existence to various genuine cross-platform programming env. It is used in everything from high-end storage systems to applications servers and from desktop applications to smartphones/Tablets. The compiled pure java code will run without any modification on various platforms.
  • Java is opensource as most interesting tools and java libraries are also opensource, so it is preferably adopted in the enterprise world. The open-source javaimplementation is OpenJDK and there is no major difference between OpenJDK and Oracle JDK.
  • Java is not just a programming language instead it is a platform. There are many promising languages apart from Java but still Java will continue to receive minor enhancement to feature while this new JVM languages are where the cutting-edge innovation will happen, but it is still the part of the java platform

Widespread Popular Java frameworks across many IT Organizations

  • There are numerous reasons for why Java is one of the older widespread used software programming languages and is still popular. The immense power any organization wields when they are using Java to make it their staple platform/technology. Using and choosing good Java frameworks bring the possibilities of lessening the turnaround time for big complex projects.
  • Java technology and frameworks themselves are the software crated to make programming/coding with Java in an easy and efficient way. These java frameworks come in as sets of prewritten code or functions or APIs that the java developers can append to their own code to create custom solutions to problems.
  • As professional java developers would expect, many iterations of these helpful frameworks would exist in the IT world, given how different every Java programmer is from the rest. I have mentioned here just 10 of the popular Java frameworks
    • Spring/Spring boot
      • Hibernate
      • Java Server Faces(JSF)
      • Apache Hadoop and Spark
      • JHipster
      • Google Web Kit
      • Blade
      • Play
      • Vert.X
      • Vaadin
      • DropWizard,

Why to Choose Java as your career Technology?

The aspect that makes Java as one of the most preferable languages to start with in your career is java’s object-oriented programming (OOP) model. OOPs programming model provides a modular structure which is really useful in solving real-time complex problems. As Java is modular in nature, this really helps java programmers for reusable coding that in turn helps in enhancing the development process.

Handsome Annual Package: Java backend developer focuses on the core logic or the server-side code that keeps the website or application running. Java developers in this career with good knowledge in databases, API and security earns the base package of 5000 US dollars or 3.5Lakh annually as an entry level programmer. But the professional java developers’ annual package is around 50000 US dollars or 36Lakh rupees as per the current market 2019-20.

Object Oriented: Furthermore, Java includes various features like abstraction, polymorphism, encapsulation and inheritance. In addition to this, Java developers follow the best practices with the built-in java packages, simplifying the coding and programming with Java. Java is a robust language as the java objects do not need any external references with exceptional memory management mechanism.

Java for All Possibilities! Java has been pioneered as the staple programming language for developing any Web based applications or be it Android applications. And interesting thing is that various Popular tools and like NetBeans IDE, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA etc. also written in Java. If we talk about the current market 2020, then Java technology’s usage have expanded to the various advanced areas like Artificial Intelligence apps, IoT Systems, Data Science applications and even Machine Learning applications. Professional programmers or developers are preferring Java for designing and developing all such above applications considering the fact that Java is also cross-platform compatible and it offers highly concurrency feature and provides scalable solutions to any problems.

User Friendly Language: Java is very user-friendly, and this is one of the reason of its popularity because it has a normal English-like syntax, so beginner can learn the core Java first and then they can proceed to Advanced Java so that they will be confident in coding java and gradually they can start searching for Job.  If we talk about learning curve then Java has really a simple learning curve, so it won’t take much time to master in Java.


Comprises of rich API feature:  The API space is growing faster across all organizations. Java has a very rich Application Programming Interface (API) which is well provided with enormous methods that can be directly used in any program. Java API comprises of  methods that can be utilized for various purposes like database connections, networking or socket programming, I/O operations handling, parsing XML, and so on.

Furthermore, Java comprises of many open-source libraries such as Apache Xerxes, Apache POI and Commons, Guava, Gson, etc.

 Javadoc for excellent documentation: As Java prioritizes well-documentation. So, all java developers follow the best practices for writing doc comments and Oracle provides Javadoc generator tool for the purpose of generating the API documentations from your java source code.

A robust community supports: Java’s popularity lies on its strong and efficient community support. It stands as the second-largest community among the Stack Overflow community. So, if you ever faced any technical changes for any java problems then you can simply reply on the Java Community to make your job easier and to help you out.

Enriched with powerful dev. And automation tools:  Another aspect of Java is the various IDEs (Eclipse, NetBeans and IntelliJ IDEA) written in java are the key suite of many automation tools and for developers also for debugging and coding. Also, Java has various build automation tools like Maven and ANT for writing Java applications development. Another popular open-source automation tool which is used for for Continuous Integration and delivery process is also written in Java language.


Here I have explained various benefit factors of choosing java as your career technology and the career opportunities in the field of IT as a Java programmer. Also, I have clearly elaborated the future scope of java and java’s popularity and usage across various IT and other non-IT organizations. You can see a better future as a Java programmer.


 Subject:  Future scope and key benefits of Java. Key benefits for entry level graduates/Fresher by choosing java as the career technology.

  • As a career technology, why you should choose java as an option?
  • What is the future scope of Java?
  • What are the opportunities for Java programmer in the current market?
  • What are the tools/technology to be learnt for becoming a java developer?
  • How Java strengthen its existence across many IT and Non-IT organizations?
  • Why java programming language is widely used across various platforms?
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