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Drive Website Traffic the Easy Way through Instagram

The usefulness of social media is no longer hidden, especially concerning website promotion. If one’s goal is to drive traffic back to their website, then Instagram will be the right medium as this is amid the fastest developing social media platforms at present. Through the clever usage of sponsored content and linking on Instagram, one can ensure that their site hits the high-traffic targets.

What Makes Instagram an Effective Marketing Tool?

Quickly social media has turned into an effective tool in the collection of every website owner. The effective utilization of social media sites will assist one’s business in delivering stellar customer service, increasing conversions, and promoting new content. Though the list of social media networking websites is a long one, it is Instagram which is amongst the most highly favored and highly useful. Created in 2010 to share online mobile photography, it has made a mark as a video-sharing and image-sharing platform. Owned by Facebook, this social media site has built a massive user base right away. In numbers, it tops by only Facebook and YouTube, thus making it amongst the biggest social media platforms across the globe.

Apart from its original focus, this social media platform is the perfect place for promoting one’s website or business. This platform provides various advertising solutions, while its highly visual nature makes the creation of content simple. Therefore, it is an excellent means to interact with one’s audience directly and develop strong brand loyalty. Though it is vital to collect followers on Instagram, this channel is also a chief vehicle to drive back traffic to one’s site. There are, fortunately, several ways of doing so.

4 Smart Tips to Drive Website Traffic through Instagram 

Below are four smart tips for driving traffic to your website using Instagram,

  • Include Links in the Profile – Users on Instagram choose to include a link in the bio. It is here where one can add a link directly. Thus it is vital to make its utmost use. One’s bio must always have a link to the page they hope to drive users toward; that is relatively easy. Most businesses, however, link to the home page and then leave. Their bio, in contrast, is most effective, significantly when it is updated frequently. Therefore, one must consider linking a specific product or page on their website, preferably related to their recent Instagram posts. Using phrases in their post, such as “link in your bio,” is a smart means of increasing users who click on it.
  • Use Instagram Insights – Instagram insights allow one to access a lot of information regarding their audience quickly. This information will throw light on which posts have the utmost interactions and the number of times users follow a link. One can track the times as well when their audience will be active. It will help them post future write-ups at peak times. Again if one has the needed budget, they can try some paid advertising options which Instagram offers through which they can promote their content effectively and at the same time keep the cost minimum.
  • Creativity with Instagram Stories – Instagram stories, the significance of which users often overlook, is a suitable medium for further promoting one’s content. The feature will make linking back to their content easy. The user will swipe the screen to get to their desired page. One, however, needs to get his account verified for using the feature of “swipe up.” They can unlock the option after touching 10,000 followers.

An effective digital marketing strategy will work wonders in increasing one’s chance to reach this milestone right away. Even in the absence of this option, Instagram stories are a wonderful means to tease novel content and alert users to the latest posts in their feed which they are likely to have missed. Besides, one can use the sticker “Questions” to communicate directly with their audience and leave room for their queries and doubts.

  • Consider Collaborations – Instagram is a social media channel that has turned into a second career for some. An influencer is a huge following that gives advice and does product promotion associated with a specific industry. Though influencers have become commonplace in the realms such as fashion and beauty, today, there is an influencer for each form of business, right from website design to cookery. Working with an influencer will be a clever means to get the name of one’s brand out there and also help in boosting website traffic. To find an influencer is indeed simple.

You need to search for a hashtag pertinent to their niche or industry and see which posts are receiving maximum attention. Collaborating with their audience directly is also a choice worth pursuing. They can encourage their audience to interact with their content via responding to comments, posting photos in their stories, and writing captions that pose questions. Most importantly, it is vital to give credit as an imperative means of promoting goodwill and trust.

In short, Instagram is a viral social media channel, thus making it a perfect place for spreading the word regarding one’s business.

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