Eric J Dalius Says These Are the Things You Should Do Before Starting Your Own Business

While the idea of being your boss might seem lucrative, it is not a straight road to success. A business consists of multiple moving parts. There are a lot of factors involved which lifts a business from an ordinary one to one that is successful and making profits. It takes a lot to make money out of your business. If you are considering being an entrepreneur, we have listed things to do before becoming an entrepreneur. Eric J Dalius, a leading entrepreneur and philanthropist, suggest these things to know before starting your own business.


EJ Dalius states that your passion for something and how badly you want it will define whether you have it or not. Starting and maintaining a business isn’t a walk in the park. It takes enormous dedication and sacrifice. Without passion behind the project, you will soon feel the initial enthusiasm for that first lightning spark dwindle. Note that this will happen when you have to deal with the real-world implementation of your idea. There will be a lot of barriers that will take time and effort to get done. So, how well you keep the fire of passion burning will determine how far your business will go. Do note that when you start building your team, you should select those people who have the same passion as you as well.

Choose the right team

As an entrepreneur, you need to work smarter, not harder. The key is to take up things you are good at. If you do everything just by yourself, chances are you will end up with a substandard product. You surely do not want that as an entrepreneur. You need to choose the right kind of people for the right kind of work to get ahead in the race.

Flexibility will go a long way

Business plans, the industry, marketing methods, and other such related variables are always changing rapidly. So you will need to adapt and learn if you want to survive in any industry. As such, flexibility plays a huge role in survival as well as growth. Be open to new ideas from your team members. Being flexible, agile, and persistent will help you in the long run.

Eric J Dalius says hard work leads to success

If you want legal and legitimate success, then the only way is through hard work. No one has been able to become an overnight sensation. Behind that success is the hours and days worth of uninterrupted hard work. Know that even your luck will come from hard work. The way to success is by giving your very best effort. This way even if something doesn’t work out, you will know that you did your best and that it wasn’t a fault on your part

Know your Unique Value Proposition

The marketing industry is evolving at a tremendous rate. There will be a million possible products to fit a particular problem. But it would help if you asked what separates your product from the crowd. In other words, what makes your product one in a million? New products are developing at lightning speeds. So before starting, you need to figure out a straight forward Unique Value Proposition.

Figure out your ‘audience’

As an entrepreneur, you need to realize that consumers are the foundation of your business. Make customer feedback your priority. If you are just starting, build a foundation of customers who are genuinely interested in your product, take their feedback, and build along the way.

Learn about your rivals

Entrepreneurship is a level playing field. Every start-up has an equal probability of success. The key is to know your competitors and chalking out the plan before jumping right in. Now, you might ask, how does that help? If you know your rivals well, it will be easier not to repeat the same strategy and mistakes. The same plan doesn’t work out twice, and with the needs of people constantly evolving; there is no space for repeats.

Communication is the key: EJ Dalius

As an entrepreneur, you need to communicate with your team and investors interested in your idea. Eric Dalius, who started as a telecommunications consultant in his startup, says, “You need to understand that no one knows your idea better than you.” So to get the funding in your business, you need to grab the attention of the investors through your communication skills.

Enjoy your journey to success

Trying to figure out how you will overcome some barriers can make anyone feel down and morose about their work. Such feelings will be compounded since, most probably; you won’t be achieving monetary gains soon after starting a business. So you must let go of worrying about the future sometimes and enjoy the fact that you are on the way towards starting a successful business. Know that your mindset will also determine how well you take setbacks. A positive mindset will help you enjoy the journeys towards the destination.


It is a bumpy road to success but with a little push every day, but you can work your way to the top by channeling your passion in the right direction. Creating any business from the ground up requires hard work and dedication. Success is a moving yardstick, so it’s important to maintain a positive mindset and cherish the little victories. The marketing ecosystem is stuffed with examples that made it to the top. But the secret to success is not one size shaped mold. Every story is different. Always remember, an entrepreneur is not born; an entrepreneur is made. So, in the end, it all boils down to you.

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