Essential Training for Cell Phone Repair Technicians

We understand that COVID-19 has altered our lifestyles and occupations within a short time. Everything was affected. Some individuals in the cell phone repair sector closed their firms to avoid bankruptcy. At the same time, many enterprises embraced the digital experience and responded to new trends according to demands.

Meanwhile, the $4 billion industry grew more prominent as more individuals used their smartphones while living at home.

Hence, cell phone repair technicians are in a constant state of flux and change. The industry seems to be changing faster than ever before with new launches from big-name brands like Apple, Samsung, and Google.

With the release of these new models comes a flood of questions about keeping up with this constantly evolving field. Keeping up with these changes is difficult, but it’s what makes being a repair technician such an exciting profession. You never know which gadget will walk into your shop and what issue it will have that needs fixing.

So, let’s review all the essential training your repair technician needs.

Training For Cell Phone Repair Technicians

Here are all the things your repair shop technician should be trained for:

1. Device Repair Essentials

This training teaches your repair tech team the primary troubleshooting of software, basic device repairs, operating systems, and everything between working on the latest iPhone, Android, or Tablet. Some vital points of this training are:

·       Knowing About the Cell Phone Repair Market

·       Understanding Mobile Networks

·       Basic Concepts of the Grasping Operating System

·       Tools and equipment essentials for repair

·       Cellular Phone & Tablet Parts

·       ESD Awareness

·       Troubleshooting Basics

·       Level 1 & 2 Repair Procedures

·       Macro Inspections and Quality Control 

So, once the device comes in through your POS system for cell phone repair store, they will be prepared.

2. LCD Refurbishing

To let your repair professionals learn how to properly restore LCD and OLED screen displays, enroll them in this training. It doesn’t matter how many screens you want to refurbish at the repair shop. Here’s to remember that the sophisticated methods taught in these courses will increase your earnings significantly. The following are some of them:

·       Touchscreen & Display Components

·       LOCA Usage & Application

·       LCD Refurbishing Tools & Equipment

·       LCD Grading Criteria 

·       Cell Phone LCD Refurbishing

·       LCD Refurbishing Process

·       OCA Processes & Procedures 

3. Micro-Soldering

If you choose this course, your staff will be able to micro-solder cell phone repairs with a consistent technique that reduces mistakes. It is simpler to solder Charging Ports, BGA Chips, Flexible Printed Circuit Connectors, and nearly everything else.

Your technicians will learn the following from this course:

·       Workmanship Quality Standards

·       Jumpering

·       Introduction to Soldering

·       Standard Form Soldering

·       Contact Pad & Trace Repair 

·       Shrink Form Soldering

4. Advanced Troubleshooting

Make your technicians take this course to learn advanced board-level diagnostics and repair that will let you fix problems others can’t, retrieve devices from your own mistakes, and make high-profit, low-cost repairs. The training usually includes the following topics:

·       Intermediate DC Electronics

·       Logic Board Functional Areas

·       Diagnosing Working Devices

·       DC Electronic Circuits

·       Flowcharts for Troubleshooting 

·       Diagnostic Equipment

·       Understanding Series Circuits

·       Advanced Diagnostics

·       Diagnosing Non-Working Devices

5. Make Your Repair Technician Learn How To Use Your Phone’s Diagnostic Tools

This is one of the most essential skills your team needs to know because it will help them quickly get to the heart of the problem.

In addition, it can save your customers money and time. They will know what’s wrong with their device without having to wait for hours. Give your technicians training on how to use diagnostic tools such as Kies, ADB, and ODIN.

6. Teach Them To Become Skilled In Screen Replacement Techniques

This is a fast-growing area of smartphone repair because more and more people want to use their devices without stress about the cost of fixing them. Knowing how to replace screens quickly and efficiently will save your customers time, money, and anxiety when they need this service done for them.

Ensure your technicians know the following:

·       Screen replacement techniques such as prying open the screen without breaking it.

·       Adhesive tabs and how to use them correctly when replacing your screens.

·       How to replace batteries on all phones, even if they are glued into place.

Your technicians can learn many other smartphone repair skills online through free videos or paid courses like this one. Relevant training will ensure that you can provide your customers with the best possible service.

7. Practice Safe Battery Removal And Installation Procedures

Learn how to use standard tools for repairs.

Knowing these skills will give your technicians an advantage over other technicians that don’t know where to find the right tool or what it is used for. It also saves money because many of them are cheaper than specialized smartphone repair equipment and can be found in any home worldwide. So learn to use these tools in your shop.

·       Screwdrivers

·       Plastic Card & Prying Tools

·       Heat Gun/Cold Heat Knife/Finger Nail Clippers 

8 Tips For Cell Phone Repair Technicians That Are Worth Knowing

For repair shops owners looking to make their repair technicians pro, here is a list of tips that your team should know.

1.       It Would Be Best To Have All The Essential Repairing Tools

2.       Get Accustomed To Disassembling And Reassembling Procedures

3.       Placing Screws Back Properly

4.       Keep Your Work Region Spick-And-Span

5.       Keep Parts In-Stock

6.       Secure Customer’s Sim Card And Memory Card

7.       Safeguard Customer’s Data

8.       Get Additional Support From The Internet


As the cell phone repair industry grows, technicians need to keep up with all these changes. Doing so will ensure that they can provide their customers with high-quality service every time.

The more trained technicians you have added as employees on your POS software, the better you will be able to perform

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