Everything You Need To Know About The Line Sheets

In the wholesale retail, you might have heard the term “line sheets.” A line sheet is a tool that helps businesses present their product mix to potential and current buyers. To stand out, you need to create an effective line sheet that can impress the buyer and make him place an order. If you do not know how to make a great line sheet, then download the wholesale line sheet sample, which makes things quite easier. Hiring a graphic designer can also be a good idea, but it can be costly, and not every business can afford to pay to the graphics designers. So, online templates help you make a line sheet without wasting time.

In a line sheet, you have all your product information in one place, which makes it easier for the buyer to decide whether or not to place an order. A disorganized and cluttered line sheet can cost you a sale, so make everything clear.

What is a line sheet?

You are in the wholesale industry; then, you would be aware of the importance of a line sheet. You have a collection to show to potential l buyers. How would you do that? How would you tell them what materials are used in making these products? How will you discuss prices with the potential buyers? How the products look like. It is not easy to discuss everything in person in the wholesale business. You have to deal with multiple clients every day, and it is practically impossible to showcase every item you have in the line to sell.

A line sheet is a document that helps you make things easier. You include details about everything from contact information to shipping policy so that the buyer can easily make a purchase.

In simple words, a line sheet consists of all the necessary information about the products, which makes the buying prices a lot easier for both the buyer and the seller.

How to create an effective line sheet?

A line sheet represents your entire business. It is something that helps you make a great first impression on potential buyers. The businesses get only one chance to make a great first impression, and the line sheets help them do that. You do not miss any opportunity to impress potential customers. By creating a great line sheet, you can convince the buyers to make a purchase. Once they are happy working with you, they would love to work with you again.

But making an effective line sheet is not an easy job, especially when you are doing it for the first time. Since it will be representing you in front of your potential clients, make sure your line sheet is well-organized. First of all, add the brand name and logo in the line sheet.

Many brands do not pay much attention to making their logo. Little they know is that the brand logo is the identification of their brand. It helps them get recognition. For example, whenever you see the Starbucks logo, you recognize it, and even without reading the company’s name, you come to know that it is a star buck’s logo.  So, take your brand logo seriously if you want your audience to take your brand seriously.

Then add the contact information, including the name of the contact person, email addresses, street addresses, and phone numbers, etc. Make sure that your contact details are visible enough so that the buyer can easily find them. Add them at the top of the page below the brand logo.

Now tell the customers about your products. Add the quality images of your products and mention the range of colors and sizes available. Mention the lead and how you ship the products. The buyers want to know about your return policy, so add the details in the line sheet. Do not forget to mention the payment methods you accept.

Do not forget to mention an expiry date for the information provided in the line sheet. In short, your line sheet must contain all the information required by a buyer to make an order. Your line sheet should answer buyers’ questions as it is not possible to discuss everything in person. But your line sheet should not be too long. Try to be as precise and clear as possible.

What mistakes should you avoid?

You need to be careful at every step while making a line sheet. It is a time-consuming task as you have to provide all the product information using minimum words. You should not omit important details.  Save time and hire a graphic designer to do the job. Since it is costly, and many businesses cannot afford to pay for the graphic designer’s services, they prefer to use online templates. Choose your line sheet, add all the information, review it, and download it to send it to potential buyers.

To make a great line sheet make sure you avoid mistakes. There should not be any grammatical mistakes in the line sheet. You should use the same font size and color in the sheet. Also, you should choose the font according to the product images you have used.

Using the same line sheet for every strategy is what many brands do. This can cost you a sale as the line sheets can be used for different purposes. You should determine why you are making a line sheet? To sell or convince? Always tell your complete story in the line sheet. Your story inspires potential buyers, and they purchase your products.

Pay attention to the images you are going to add. Do not use low-quality images with colorful background. The purpose of making a line sheet is to impress the clients and trust me no one would get impressed by low-quality images. Use colorful images with a white or neutral background and pay attention to the quality of the pictures.  Your lone sheet must be aesthetically pleasing. Stating everything clearly in the line sheet can save you from hassle in the future.

What information should you include in the line sheet?

We are emphasizing to make a line sheet simple and clear. It is only possible when you include all the relevant information in the line sheet. You cannot use long paragraphs and flowery language in the line sheets. Be precise, and keep everything clear. You should include the following information in the line sheet:

  • Product images:

Do you want to present your mix to potential buyers? How would you do that? Include the product images in the line sheet. You should use simple, clear, and quality photos of the product with a white background.

  • Size options:

Add a simple list of sizes available such as small, medium, large and extra-large, etc.

  • Color options:

Tell the customers about the color options available. It is better to display the color swatches in the line sheet.

  • Wholesale price:

Add the wholesale price in the buyer’s currency. You should set the prices carefully if you do not want to earn any loss.

  • Retail price:

Add the suggested retail price in the line sheet.

  • Cover page:

You can include a cover page in the line sheet to give an overview of your bard. Do not forget to add the band name and logo on the cover page. You can tell the potential buyers why your brand in unique.

Terms and conditions:

It is highly important to discuss the terms and conditions in the line sheet to avoid any hassle in the future. You cannot sue long paragraphs, but using the minimum text, you can tell the customer what is your preferred shipping company and how you ship the order? Tell them who will cover the shipping cost. Also, tell them about your return policy. If you accept returns or not, tell the customers everything. Do not forget to mention the payment methods you accept.

What should be the layout of the line sheet?

A line sheet that contains all the needed information but looks cluttered will not impress the clinet. You need to pay attention to the aesthetics as well. The line sheet should be visually harmonious. You should choose a layout that best suits your brand. Make sure that the font size and color you choose is in accordance with the image size. The size of the image should be the same for every product. Give an item number below the image to make it easy for the buyer to remember the products.

What else can you do to stand out?

In today’s fierce competition, it has become quite difficult for the brand to even survive, let alone staying ahead of the competition. You need to come up with winning strategies to be successful in the industries. Making a line sheet can help you bring more and more customers into the business.

There are many things you can do to stand out. Offering incentives can encourage your potential buyers to make purchases. Here we do not mean “buy one get one free” offer. Offer some discounts etc. to attract more and more customers.

You should add a product description under the product images. You cannot use long paragraphs to describe your products, but you can do the job using minimum text as well. Just think a little bit.

Simple steps to create a line sheet using software:

Making a line sheet can be a time-consuming and daunting task. Many brands prefer to make a line sheet using the software as hiring a graphic designer can be expensive.

If you are using software to create an effective line sheet thongs, become a bit easier. The software is designed specifically to make a line sheet so, it guides you about the information you need to include in the line sheet. Here is how you can make a line sheet using software:

  • Choose your plan:

There are many free online templates available online, but the problem is that these templates do not look professional. So, invest a little to make your brand look professional. Choose your plan that does not hit your pockets.

  • Choose your template:

Now you have to choose your template. Make sure that the template you choose the template according to your brand. You should ask yourself you are making a line sheet for a single product or a collection. Then choose the template accordingly.  Check if the template has enough space to add details.

  • Add information:

Once you have selected your template, it is time to include all the needed information. You should not skip any important details in the line sheet. Do not add any irrelevant information as there is no place for flowery language in the sheets.

  • Review it:

A disorganized line sheet with so many grammar mistakes and typos can cost you sales. It makes your brand look unprofessional. So, always review and edit the line sheets to make sure that there are no mistakes or errors in the information you have provided in the sheet. Double-check the contact information.

  • Download and send:

Now your line sheet is ready to be sent to the potential buyers. Modern software allows you to send a line sheet to potential buyers through email without downloading it. But if you want to send it to a retail store owner, then download and print it out.

Summing up:

A line sheet is an essential selling tool that helps businesses in increasing their sales. It helps them getting recognition and target their audience in a better way. The retailers are busy bunnies, so make sure that your line sheet drives their attention at a glance. Do not make promises in the line sheets that you can’t fulfill.

Always include accurate information and do not boast about your brand. Just provide the necessary information, and let the buyers decide. You cannot force them to place an order. Convince them by making a great line sheet. Do not make them search for anything. Provide then with what they need.


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