Explore the top 8 QuickBooks Alternatives (Free & Paid)

Let’s start with the top QuickBooks Alternative with a recent stat. Later, we shall discuss the alternatives in detail. 

According to a report of Statista, this figure indicates the percentage of small and medium-sized business (SME) owners in the United States. They are aware of the online invoicing software

QuickBooks Online has over 3 million current customers among the most common accounting software solutions on the market today. But, what’s suitable for everyone, may not be perfect for your company! So, in that situation, look around in the market for QuickBooks Alternative.

8 QuickBooks Alternative to watch out in 2021

So, read along with this article, and Let’s begin our discussion on Top alternative to QuickBooks in 2021, both free and paid. 


So, the first QuickBooks Alternative is FreshBooks which is best suitable for a sole owner or freelancer who generally use excel and spreadsheet to maintain the business records. 

FreshBooks is quick, easy, and simple to use, so you can be up and start working in no-time. FreshBooks has a self-employed package as well as a team’s plan for small companies and many users. FreshBooks often features a user-friendly interface that many casual tech users can find easy to navigate.

FreshBooks also introduced double-entry accounting functionality to the program, which is a huge benefit for every small company with at least one employee.

This online invoicing software features efficient budget control, corporate invoicing, time monitoring, and the opportunity to monitor consumer payments. In FreshBooks, you can also build a flat rate or hourly project, as well as client estimates.

Moon Invoice 

Moon Invoice is the best free invoicing platform, and the major players on the list have a fast, all-in-one payment method.

Since the invoicing process began, this platform provides effective billing solutions to its consumer base. It works with everybody, from small business owners to big businesses, because it suits their individual needs perfectly.

Top alternative to QuickBooks for billing purposes. Moon Invoice has the following characteristics:

  • Since it is GST compliant, it is easier to keep track of the tax with a simplified tax setup.
  • Automatic payment upgrades will render the operation more effective and boost the workflow.
  • Delivering regular receipts and daily/weekly/monthly filing services is accessible.
  • It recognizes multiple languages, and costs can be reported efficiently.
  • You can conveniently build and generate invoices using the built-in timesheet.

Wave Accounting 

Oh YES! Wave is a free alternative to QuickBooks. Wave Accounting might be perfect for you if you’re on a tight budget but also want an online invoicing software with double accounting capabilities.

Wave Accounting is ideally designed for freelancers, and sole proprietors since it easily offers many of the accounting functions you need for your small company, such as revenues, transactions, double-entry accounting, banking, and adequate reporting.

Wave Accounting provides personalized invoice formation as well as adequate client service. Since Wave Accounting does not help inventory monitoring or administration, it is best tailored to companies with facilities rather than goods.

Sage 50Cloud Accounting 

When it comes to Top alternative to QuickBooks, Sage 50cloud Accounting is best adapted for more tech-savvy users. Sage 50cloud Accounting is ideally designed for small and growing companies, and it is flexible, with three options available, including the Quantum package, which will accommodate up to 40 customers.

They have a plethora of functionality for small companies, such as strong consumer management, revenue monitoring, purchasing orders, and an inventory control module.

Scalability is the key factor in Sage 50Cloud accounting.


You won’t find a better choice than Xero if you’re searching for a Top alternative QuickBooks in small businesses accounting option that business person can use for a wide range of applications.

Although Xero has sufficient accounting capabilities, its true power resides in its applications, or rather the apps in which it can integrate. Xero interacts for an incredible range of apps, over 700 in all.

Xero is ideal for sole proprietors, freelancers, and small entrepreneurs, but it’s still a fantastic match for specialized industries like IT, Legal, banking, and e-commerce.

Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice is a popular Accounting Platform for Small Companies that is well-structured and convenient to use. It includes several user-friendly apps, and companies will streamline all of them to save time on billing. An excellent QuickBooks Alternative.

Zoho Invoice often has a report builder, and while it is hosted in the cloud, you can view and update it using the available software. Assume you’re looking for a way to manage invoices, invoices, quotations, links, and expenses -then you can use or link Zoho Invoice with its other platform as well. 


Invoicera is also another online invoicing software for Small Companies that works on time tracking and project costs. For the rest, it’s cloud-based, which means you can use it from your mobile when you’re out and around. The app’s configuration is quick, but it has many choices that allow you to cover practically any billing field outside of personal accounting.

While Invoicera will not provide quite so many templates as some providers, the templates that are accessible are entirely customizable. 


Another Top alternative to QuickBooks is Kashoo. Kashoo 2.0 comes with a redesigned user experience that looks entirely new. Kashoo 2.0 retains all of the previous version’s functionality, including address, balances, taxes, and bill payment, but it has been fully modified.

Kashoo comes with a simple setup method that helps you easily set up your company, add any tax data, such as sale tax records, and access your bank accounts.

Once you add your accounts, you’ll be able to access imported transactions in the latest Inbox feature, which acts as a central repository for accessing current bank transactions imported from your linked accounts.


Are all eight of these QuickBooks Alternative better than the QuickBooks?

No, but they are all exceptional, and unique is often just what the company requires in Online invoicing software. Although some of the alternatives are better in some aspects, others have functionality not included in QuickBooks Online.

Whatever the justification for searching outside QuickBooks, you should be sure that there are many options accessible for small business owners like yourself.

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