Eyebrows that change your face

Getting your eye brow in a proper shape increases your facial features. Eye brow thickness varies from person to person and you need to get the right balance for your eye brows. Like the way you select your haircut, make up kits, and colours that are best suitable for you, eye brow shape and thickness also need to be set as per your facial features. The key point here is balancing and increasing what you have by giving the right shape for your eye brow that would improve your facial look. 

You can include as part of your make up kit, an eye brow brush and an eye pencil. Now, what does a brush do? 

 In fact, an eye brow brush is just a plastic comb that is used to brush your eyelashes. It is a thick hairbrush that is used to shape the eyebrows. Using an eye pencil works like a liner where you can apply the pencil on your lid or anywhere else except for the waterline. 

The faces Canada long wear eye pencil is creamy and glides on very smoothly. It dries out fast, which is also smudge-proof and water-resistant. 

People with full and thick eyebrows are blessed while those with thin eyebrows can make it look fuller by using make up. Eyebrow pencils are the ideal product to give the illusion of full eyebrows. Let us discuss as the ways to use eyebrow pencil for a thick eyebrow. 

  1. Firstly, you need to identify the gaps or any sparse areas in your eyebrow. Brush your eyebrows into position so that it will highlight the areas with less hair. The right way to get your eyebrows in the prime position is to brush the eyebrows upwards at the front of the eyebrows and then brush them outwards towards the tails using a spoolie brush. 
  2. While brushing your eyebrows, keep the stroke finer as it gives a better look. For this, you require to have a sharp eyebrow pencil that would enable you to draw fine hair strokes. Doing this, will make you have an authentic look. When the eyebrow pencil is fine, it helps to draw precise hair strokes. Use the finer corner to draw hair strokes into the gaps that you have identified earlier. Ensure that you follow the hair direction. On filling the gap, it helps to maintain balance on the overall eyebrow. Then, you can start to increase the shape. 
  3. Lastly, get into the right shape. After you have filled in your eyebrows’ gaps, you can work on its shape and symmetry. Do not draw straight lines round the edges of the eye brows as it would look unnatural. Draw the shape slowly, take some time and gradually build the shape. Go alternative between both the brows. Include more feathery strokes that gives a natural look eye brow. If you prefer to intensify the colour, include more shading. For this, make use of the flat side of the pencil and have more pressure to get this done. 

For using eye brow brush, follow these steps:

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  1. Select the appropriate brush – Eye brow brushes are of three types:
    1. Spoolie Brush is like a mascara applicator. This brush shapes your eye brows together with blending your eye brow filler. 
    2. Mascara Brush is a two-sided tool. This brush is a plastic comb with which you can brush the eyelashes.
    3. Slanted Liner Brush is used to apply the eyebrow filler. 
  2. Select the brow filler – Next, you need to select the right brow filler for your eye brows. Brow filler is available in many forms in the market. You need to choose the one that is feasible for your look. 
  3. Apply the brow filler to your eye brows – For this, dip your brush into the filler and take off the excess. While you begin to apply the filler, start from the centre and then work towards the edges. This way of application helps you to avoid creating a severe eye brow. Gently move your brush along with the shape of your eye brow.
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