Factors To Consider When Adding EV Chargers To Your Vehicle

The year 2021 was decisive for electric vehicle sales in Australia, with 6718 EVs and PHEVs sold. In 2019, just 0.6% of all new cars sold in Australia were in this segment. There is little doubt that electric vehicles and EV Parts in Australia are here to stay, and by 2030, they will outnumber gas-powered cars. If you’re thinking about installing EV charging stations in your company, you should be aware of these five considerations. When selecting an EV charger, your company’s demands and budget may be accommodated if you consider these aspects.


EV drivers and those considering making a move from gasoline-powered cars are concerned about range anxiety. Another issue is the scarcity of EV charging facilities and the uncertainty as to whether or not they will work with their automobiles. With electric vehicle chargers, reliability is essential. Charging stations that can support a wide range of electric cars are what you are looking for. If you want your charging stations to meet drivers’ expectations, look for models with universal connections. You don’t have to disregard any of your consumers to cater to everyone. You should also look at the charging device’s track record. Are industry and consumer expectations met?

Charging Stations

Having one charging station for four electric cars on the road is the ideal number of EVs. There is now a significant disparity between charging stations and drivers. They can’t keep up with the demand for every electric car on the road. An estimated 1.3 million electric vehicle (EV) owners will be stranded without access to public charging facilities by 2025. Cities and regions have varying amounts of charging stations. Installing stations can only begin if a gap has been determined. If any staff drive electric vehicles, this is also a consideration.

Location Of Charging Stations

You have to think about power and visibility while putting in EV charging stations. For EV drivers, the charging station must be visible. You don’t just drive into a petrol station to get a parking place. It’s essential for EV drivers to know that they may charge their car while at your establishment. Another important consideration is the availability of sufficient power. There must be a power supply for charging electric vehicles (EVs). Longer cables can be run, but they are more expensive and increase liability issues.

Charge Station Software

Charging stations for electric vehicles may be as simple as using a single network or as complex as several networks and software. You don’t need a new computer or other hardware to change the program. Before putting in charging stations, think about how much money you’ll save. With one program, you may be unable to fulfil the charging requirements of consumers and workers. Charge prices may be kept low, and the market competitive with more flexibility. Innovations are prevalent in competitive marketplaces, which is good for you and your customers.


Public EV chargers pose a safety hazard because they are outside and exposed to the weather. As a result of customer use, machines are put through their paces. In some instances, putting a charging station beneath a cover may assist, but it won’t suffice if the charging station isn’t built to last. Steel and aluminium structure is shock-resistant and robust. Also, EV Parts in Australia are waterproof and durable enough to last a lifetime. Ensure that you’re receiving the best value for your money by installing charging stations. It’ll pay off in the long term, so don’t hesitate.

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