FamiSafe, a family tracker that can protect our youth

The arrival of mobile phones and tablets has led to some real revolution. The period that we spend connected is now very long, and a large part of technology consumers are the youngest. Those who have children who use cellular devices always have some fear regarding their use. With who are they talking? What kinds of applications are they using? Are they really in high school? The solution to these unknowns comes from a good family tracker, FamiSafe Parental Control App.

An intelligent solution in app shape

It is a location tracker app that must be installed on the device that we wish to monitor and on ours, to keep an exhaustive control of everything that you child does, avoiding and preventing harassment through mobile devices.

For example, FamiSafe is able to give us precise information about which apps are most used by our children, know where they are and if they have spent a long time on their device.

Why do we need FamiSafe

We can’t control our youth all the time. There is always the possibility of them skipping class, and hanging out with bad friends. There are many possibilities to destroy their future. Some teenagers may pretend to be going to school but on the way, they veer off to the bar! Another group may go to school but come home to a warehouse area where they are doing bad things, for example partying drugs.

Our youth are not the same as we were twenty years ago. They are now very vulnerable to bad things like drugs, pornography, and perverted seductions that offer momentary pleasure. As explained above, FamiSafe is a location tracker. This means that this tool can track the location of a predetermined target, in this case, our youth.

Not only tracking, but FamiSafe also allows us to design so-called safe zones. The point is that we can designate certain areas as safe areas for our children. If they come out and come to these areas we will get a notification. Thus we can always be alert without having to watch over them all the time.

But of course, FamiSafe is more than a tracker. This tool is a controller of our teenagers’ offline and online activities. A teenager going to a place intended for adults does not happen suddenly. There is a reason for that, there is a strong invitation! And today, negative calls used to come through social media. What if you had a powerful tool capable of recording our teens’ online activities? FamiSafe provides everything!

This is what we can do with FamiSafe!

– Locate in a certain period the location of your child and see the location history of it. That’s why it is a good family tracker!

– Block unwanted apps, as well as keep a record of which ones are the most used.

– Keep track of the period of use, or monitor on, on the device.

– Being able to establish an intelligent calendar, with which to establish a schedule for using the device.

– Prevent entry to certain web pages.

– Detect if inappropriate texts are being sent or received, blocking those terms that are not appropriate.

What do we achieve thanks to FamiSafe?

Thanks to the use of the application, the environment of our youth becomes safer, preventing them from being the victims of attacks by strangers, cyber-bullying or spending a long time in front of the phone or tablet. With this, the adolescent’s environment becomes healthy, making intelligent use of technology and preventing inappropriate acts from being commented. FamiSafe protects effectively, and allows parents and guardians to keep a detailed record of the use of the protected devices.

How to acquire FamiSafe

We are lucky enough to find a free application for both iOS ™ and Android, and that can be installed on phones and tablets. The app can be downloaded directly from these links below:

Google Play

App Store


The cost of the application is free, although there is a subscription system that can be used, either for single months, quarters or a full year. If we choose this last option, the saving is significant enough. Let’s look at these details:

Monthly plan: $9.99/month

Quarterly plan: $19.99/3 months

Annual: $59.99/year


If we think about the normality that FamiSafe provides to parents and guardians, we see that it is a very well made investment. Teenagers are young people who always need supervision. However, the supervision should not appear to disturb their privacy. FamiSafe is here to provide an invisible surveillance solution. With this tool, we can track the whereabouts of our teenagers anytime and anywhere. We can also minimize the bad effects that come from using the Internet. All for less than $ 10 / month!


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