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Feelingirl: Waist trainer, Compression body shaper and other fitness products

What is a waist trainer?

A waist trainer is an underwear comprised of thick texture and hard metal boning. Worn around the midriff, it’s secured up with a binding framework, hooks, or Velcro. It’s expected to be worn significantly more firmly than a support or molding clothing to give you a sleeker, more modest midriff. While results can be seen promptly, “preparing” requires wearing the piece of clothing every now and again over a time of months.

Corsets have been around for in any event five centuries. Initially, they shrouded the majority of a lady’s shape between the bosoms and hips. At some point during the 1800s, undergarments advanced to complement the female shape, focusing on the valued hourglass figure that requests a little midriff and stunning hips.

Best Waist Trainer for women at Feelingirl

Each individual dreams to have a lot of trimmers and a thin belly however the midriff fat has consistently been hard to go. Getting in shape and a couple of creeps in the abdomen is a battle for ladies.

•          The Best waist trainer for women turns out best for individuals living in hot and sticky environments. The delicate and breathable material of the bodice without a doubt works a bigger number of miracles than the hard girdles that make it difficult to relax.

•          An amazing waist cincher for weight reduction, day by day wear and take to the rec center or for an open-air run. The empty interlocking plan is more breathable than different models, appropriate for each snapshot of utilization. What’s more, it is excessively slim for it to be imperceptible while wearing it under your shirt.

•          The material is a hundred percent aggravation safe which implies that you can wear it for an extensive stretch of time with no scratch, disturbance. Likewise, the high versatility brings about the ideal change in accordance with all body types. Midriff Shapers are ideal for weight reduction preparing, exercise band, or even baby blues uphold supports

Compression body shaper

A compression body shaper is any garment you wear to give a fantasy of a compliment and slimmer body. It is likewise called support, leggings, body wizardry and so on it comes in various shapes, shades, and sizes. Prior body shapers accompanied iron which made it extremely agonizing as it continues staying into the body. The new body shapers come without iron and are more agreeable.

A Body shaper and central articles of clothing can radically change an individual’s appearance in a flicker of an eye. Your stomach fat, large butt, or fat thighs can “mysteriously” vanish. Giving you a smooth outline while never going to the rec center.

Our body shaper have Adjustable eye and hook closure design on the shoulder, you can readjust to fit you best. High elastic fabric at chest, lamination design, suitable for a variety of chest sizes.3-layer fabric design on abdomen for enhanced abdominal compression. Open crotch design for easy bathroom access. It also as a dropping glue design at legs opening prevent rolling up.


FeelinGirl is an online store Beauty & Fitness store. FeelinGirl multiple fitness products like Waist trainer, thigh trimmer, body suits, shorts and panties, neoprene shaper, Compression body shaper

FeelinGirl is on a mission to change the conversation about shapewear. It’s not about hiding our bodies – it’s about celebrating our curves, enhancing our natural beauty, and feeling sexy and confident in the skin we’re in.

Furthermore, now and then, we simply need some additional help to feel our absolute best. That is the place where FeelinGirl comes in, offering shapewear – from all your number one brands – that gives ladies that increase in certainty to possess their day. Our natural beauty, and feeling sexy and confident in the skin we’re in.

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