Five Reasons Online Betting Sites Are Now Better Than Ever

The gambling landscape has changed massively in recent years. Not only have more countries legalized betting activity, but the increase in technology has resulted in an extraordinary rate of innovation.

This means that punters now have a better product than they could have imagined at the turn of the century. Simply put, online betting sites have been given a complete makeover.

Gone are the days when it was simply enough to have a basic betting site offering the ability to pick teams or horses to win or lose. Now, there are hundreds of available bets for each event, and a range of promotions to boot.

Below are the five reasons online betting has never been in a better place.

1) Variety of betting markets

You can now approach a sporting event from pretty much any angle you want as far as betting is concerned. For football, you can choose from player stats, cards, corners, Asian lines, and even bet builders which allow you to combine many of these elements and put them all into a single-game multiple.

It’s not just football betting that has transformed. American leagues such as the NFL and NBA are very popular among bettors, while there are long lists of special bets available for the likes of cricket, darts, and tennis, too.

2) Live betting functionality

In-play betting has always been interesting to punters, but it is now as smooth and seamless as you could hope for. Online bookmakers have put a lot of attention towards their apps and overall mobile product, and understandably so, given players’ tendencies.

But you can also bet live through your computer of course, and you might even be able to stream some events.

The range of in-play markets is constantly growing within every sport. You can do live bet builders for some, or bet on things such as the next corner in football or the next game in tennis.

3) Betting offers

With so many online bookmakers now fighting for their market share, one of the main ways that operators are able to attract players is through betting offers.

All betting sites have welcome offers – you can often choose between a sports betting offer or a casino offer – and some also have a breadth of existing customer promotions as well.

Around big tournaments, you’ll find even more offers. You can expect Euro 2021 free bets to be in abundance this summer.

4) Niche sports

The best betting sites now have in the region of 30+ sports available to wager on. This wasn’t always the case, but now, the likes of Esports are among the top categories, while you can also find things like futsal, water polo, and beach volleyball.

You might not find the broad selection for these events as you do for, say, Premier League football, but it is great that you can now get involved if you have knowledge in a less mainstream field.

5) Payment methods

People don’t love to give out their card details over the internet. Fortunately, betting sites have embraced the new wave of banking options that are available to people, with eWallets such as PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller now among the payment methods on many betting websites.

Prepaid cards are also an option in some places, and you may even see betting with crypto become more commonplace in the years to come.

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