Four Health Conditions You Might Not Know About

The human body is amazing and is capable of so much. The body is also unfortunately prone to a wide range of different health conditions and problems.

Certain conditions affect a wide range of different people, whereas others are quite rare.

If you have an interest in medicine, then you will certainly be interested to read about the following four health conditions. It is possible that you have never heard of them before!

Aquagenic Urticaria

It may surprise you to learn that some people are allergic to water!

Aquagenic urticaria is the medical term for this allergy, which is more common in women than it is in men.

Sufferers of this rare condition will develop itchy hives when they are in contact with water. This can be quite a challenging condition to live with as it makes everyday tasks, such as washing very difficult.


This is the medical term for swallowing difficulties. It is probably very hard for you to imagine how such an essential everyday action can become so challenging.

Suffering from dysphagia can mean patients are no longer able to enjoy their favorite foods or consume them in their usual form. Many patients will find that they have to add a Simply Thick liquid thickener to fluids to make them easier to swallow.

Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva

This incredibly serious condition is also known as stone man syndrome and is usually genetic. As many as two million people around the world could be living with fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva.

Patients with this condition will find that when their muscle or connective tissue is damaged, the body regenerates it as bone. This means that the body slowly becomes immobile over time as more and more of the body becomes bone.

Patients will find that movement becomes progressively more difficult and that the joints become especially stiff. It is also not uncommon that respiratory problems will develop.

There is no cure for this condition, and attempts at surgery to remove the excess bone will result in more bone growth.


This condition is more popularly referred to as fish odor syndrome.

Trimethylaminuria patients will uncontrollably have a body odor that is similar in smell to that of rotting fish. This odor presents in their breath, as well as in their sweat and urine.

This unpleasant health condition develops when the body is no longer able to effectively break down trimethylamine, which is an organic compound in the body.

The severity of the smell varies from patient to patient, but many sufferers report experiencing anxiety from this condition. They can often succumb to loneliness and social isolation due to concerns about their condition.

Currently there is no cure for fish odor syndrome, but there are certain lifestyle changes patients can make to help manage the condition.

Living with a Health Condition

Living with a serious health condition can be very challenging. If there is no cure or effective treatment option for your condition, then this is going to be even harder to manage.

If you do develop any of these four conditions, you will want to talk to your doctor immediately.

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