Free Will And Astrology

We all have free will. This freedom to take our next steps after careful deliberation is what makes us human. But how we use this freedom is on us. Astrology can, however, help to offer us more clarity, giving us the option to make more informed decisions. Read this article to know how famous astrologers can help you make the right choice!

Most people misunderstand the idea of fate. They repeatedly do the same things, trapping themselves in a vicious spiral. This spiral is often called fate when in reality, we all have many different options and alternatives. If we stop repeating our mistakes, we can be exposed to a multitude of different opportunities that can change our life. This is where astrology and online astrologers can help.

However, some people have the misconception that if they know what their future holds, they will not be able to exercise their free will. They think that if they are aware of the events happening around them, their decisions and actions will be influenced by them, hampering their free will. But this is not the reality.

Let us understand this more clearly:

How Can a Jyotish Astrologer in India Read Birth Chart, Affecting Free Will?

India is a land where astrology has been practiced for ages. Hence, many famous astrologers here are known to help people know what is in store for them in the upcoming days! Knowing about oneself and how your life will be, can open your eyes. Just like you can not drive a car with your eyes closed, you can not go through life without knowing what the future holds. Astrology can therefore increase your options in life by giving you valuable knowledge.  

An astrology chat or call with an expert online can clear all your doubts. Having a look at your natal chart, the astrologer can let you know all that you need to live a life of success. It can give you a manual on how to live your best life. This way, you can avoid the problems in your life to a great degree, make the right choices and get access to many new possibilities. Astrology can hence give you a map of your life, telling you what to expect and where to go!

Misusing Advice By Jyotish Astrologer In India:

People often misuse astrology.  The media and the books have painted a bad picture of this astrological science on many occasions. This is why there are many myths associated with the divination sciences. One of the primary ways they do this is by spreading misinformation or stereotypes like:

  • All Virgos are judgemental
  • All the Leos seek attention
  • All Sagittarians can’t commit to a relationship
  • All Gemini are too-faced

…and many more. When these stereotypes don’t seem to match reality, people are filled with disbelief. These are tendencies that can be associated with a zodiac sign, but it is not always true. These do not give a real picture of the sign and are merely a small aspect of their personality. Moreover, a person’s Sun sign or Moon sign is not the only thing that defines their characteristics. Other planets also influence us equally.

If someone believes these false stereotypes, they may even use them to avoid making decisions, using astrology as an excuse to not make changes in themselves. This way, they can misuse astrology to give up free will.

Some other people use astrology to never face challenges in life. They think they can avoid problems if they know what their future holds. Doing so stunts an individual’s growth. Because the challenges we face help us to become a better version of ourselves.

It is much better to be prepared for challenges with the help of astrology rather than avoid them. This way, we can realign our free will and make the most of the hidden gifts that the universe bestows upon us. More often than not, you will realize that the challenges in your life are actually a way to let go of all that’s holding us back from a brighter future!


Astrology and free will can go together as opposed to what most people think. We can use both to gain success and ascend to a path of glory and abundance. We do not have to let go of free will by consulting online astrologers. Instead, we can use astrology to exercise our free will in a way that is in alignment with the universe!

To know more about how you can use astrology to make the best use of your free will, consult with a Jyotish Astrologer In India today!

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