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Frequently Asked Question – Why Should I Build Mobile Application for Business?

Mobile apps have emerged as one of the leading and most effective tools to give a business brand a competitive edge. Mobile websites alone are not enough to help a brand win traction in a world where increasing numbers of people depend on mobile apps for all kinds of things. 

While a mobile-first approach with the mobile website has already become imperative, too many businesses still don’t have a mobile app strategy. The Mobile web is still highly effective in raising awareness and increasing traffic. Still, mobile apps can help business cement customer relationships, boost engagement, and increase customer retention. 

Some predominantly small business markets like India are great examples of how mobile apps are taking center stage in digital marketing. App developers in India are never experiencing before demanding thanks to mainly small business and startup apps across all niches. 

Here we explain some of the key reasons that make mobile apps indispensable for businesses. 

Enhanced Visibility

As measured by several studies, the average person spends around 162 minutes on smartphone apps every single day. The only depressing fact is only a handful of applications from major brands fake up the majority share of this entire time while smaller apps get attention in bits and pieces. 

But the catch here is your small brand app can still attract the users’ attention when they unlock their devices, scroll the menu, or scan the screen for the right app. The human brain quite unconsciously keeps recording images and text they encounter, and this unconscious attention, often without reason, falls in a lot of smaller apps. This is why smaller apps can also gain havoc in terms of visibility of the brand. 

Nourish Customer Loyalty

One of the key reasons for developing a mobile business app is nourishing customer loyalty. Since a mobile app helps a business brand communicate with the customers directly through various means such as in-app ads, promotions, offers, notifications for product updates, in-app purchases, etc., they can easily make a great brand impact the customers. 

Enhance Customer Engagement

Mobile apps offer an effective strategy to keep the customers engaged with a business brand. By offering unique mobile app features and experience, it ensures optimum engagement in contrast to the traditional mobile web’s fleeting attention. 

Offering customers an optimum convenience for browsing, shopping, and interacting with a business brand, Apps helps with faster decision making. Thanks to mobile apps, customers can access information right at the tip of their fingers. With such ease of shopping and interacting with a business brand, a business app naturally enjoys optimum customer engagement. 

More Personalized Marketing Channel

A mobile app’s key benefit is highly personalized customer communications and interactions tailored to individual customer preferences. Since most consumers now expect personalized shopping and browsing experiences while interacting with the brands, mobile apps come as effective marketing and business channel. 

Thanks to an app, business brands can offer their customers a truly personalized user experience to maintain a deeper relationship with customers. This benefits a brand in terms of higher customer engagement, customer loyalty and retention, and business conversion. 

Establishing Brand Awareness

Another key thing that an app can do is creating brand awareness and facilitating easier communication with a business brand. Mobile apps create an environment that facilitates streamlined and smooth interaction with the target market establishing trust and brand. 

Since mobile apps always remain accessible right at your fingertips, app interactions and visits also result in more business conversion and customer loyalty. With mobile apps, a business brand gets optimum exposure to its target audience. 

Enhance Profitability 

It is common knowledge that the increase in customer satisfaction directly results in higher sales and business conversion. As per Salesforce, the vast majority of shopping experiences are directly influenced by how customers experience how they are addressed and treated.

There can hardly be any doubt that a business should have a responsive website capable of adapting to different mobile device screens. This ensures smooth access to your brand from all devices, making your outreach wider. But at the same time, a business should consider launching a mobile app besides the responsive website for increasing sales just by delivering an engaging shopping experience.

Awesome Customer Service 

Mobile apps provide the most efficient customer service and support channel to allow customers to remain in touch and interact with a business brand. Besides simplifying all the online browsing and purchases, mobile apps quickly offer easy-to-access brand information and real-time avenues to contact a brand over any issue. This plays an instrumental role in improving customer satisfaction. 

A key benefit of the mobile app experience is that it can incorporate both the feedback and support mechanisms within the app, thus can deliver customers with a real-time, quick, easy, and highly interactive way of communicating with the business brand. 


A mobile app cannot be a savior for all of your business challenges, but it offers the most tested and tried digital platform to give your business brand a strong boost with exceptional user experience, user engagement, and business conversion. With a mobile app, all that a typical business website falls short of are addressed and mitigated in the right fashion. Mobile apps offer the easiest way to pull a device out of pocket, browse, shop, and interact with a brand. 

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