From Being Physically Present to Studying Online

Before December 2019, everything was so normal, life was normal, and everything used to happen, as usual, attaining education was also done normally. Students used to take their classes by reaching educational institutes and they used to present physically to attend the classes and for the purpose of the exam. However, after COVID 19 things changed life drastically stopped for some time, educational institutes were shut down instantly and over 1.2 billion students all over the world were out of the classroom and were limited to stay at their houses.

Education is necessary

However, after some time passed and it was getting really difficult to see the long pause in learning and education purposes because for students, it was a drawback that they were sitting idly at home doing nothing and gaining nothing. But this issue was resolved by introducing the new method of learning, which is called eLearning. It’s not a new name or method, we all are aware of this name, but we never considered it before we dealt with such a situation of the pandemic. Moreover, the way of getting education through eLearning has become way more easy and feasible for both the side, like for teachers and students. Just because of the technology the educational sector was able to function even during the tough situation of the pandemic, technology saved us; however, technology has been significant to the evolution and adaptability in the COVID 19 situation. Because of technology today, we were able to make a massive shift from being physically present in the to get the education online. Online resource like law assignment writing service have lower down our academic stress too.

Online education or we can say ELearning

When there was a big shift to online education, many new things and experiences were made. Because of the technology online meeting applications such as zoom, skype, google classroom, were brought in utilization as from all over the world, many schools and universities used the zoom application to conduct their online classes. Few universities and school got their own separate system of google classroom for their students, but the main purpose of providing education was being accomplished. It was even very easy for the students to get up like 15 to 20 minutes before the class has to start, and then they can easily get to the online class through one single link. And this really even provided feasibility to teachers even to conduct the online classes through such a meeting application at once.

Not only were usual classes conducted through such applications, but even the online quizzes, exams and assignments were taken online, teacher allotted their student’s limited amount of time and within that time assignments or exams has to be submitted so through this way students were able to get the online education. One of the great things was that the students were able to attend most of the classes as it was easier for them to attend the online classes.

Technology in unprecedented times

Technology has really been beneficial in these unprecedented times. If there was no such thing as eLearning, that would have meant that children would have been easily wasted one whole academic year.

Due to the pandemic, we all have realized how heavily we depend on technology and how technology has created ease for us. When because of technology education has transferred online it has brought much ease with them to because of online education there is flexibility for both the students and teacher as both of them don’t require any kind of transport to travel to school or college and then conduct the lecture, as for online lecture both of them need a stable connection of internet, laptop and for student one notebook to note down the given lecture and this thing is much easier than reaching the institute physically.

Moreover, technology has helped out those thousands of students who migrated to another country for the education purpose, as many countries returned the migrant students, so only technology was the way to help out such students as technology made the accessibility to the online class possible even the students were in their own country. Because of technology, students are able to use such various applications which can be used for the studying purpose. 

Technology has not only saved our time in the educational field, but it also has been benefiting in being cost effecting as due to technology everything was able to communicate online which actually saved a lot of money which was utilized in institutions such as electricity, standby generators, and much more when there was no outbreak. And moreover, technology even saved the jobs of many teachers and professors as institutes still had reason to keep them on the job, so many people didn’t lose their job just because of technology.

Online classes and lectures as new normal

So now, conducting online classes through technology has now become a new normal as by keeping the situation into consideration. Technology has really helped out the student during such a tough time because of a pandemic, but for few children, online classes were not such a pleasant experience as few were unable to adapt the new normal or the new way of learning as it was a bit challenging for the students to study during such pandemic. As it was all-new for the students and even for the teachers but overall widely students and teachers accepted such kind of distance learning.


However, it shows that technology has remained successful at all times, and till the pandemic is present across the globe online learning method will be continued so to save the students’ future, and moreover, the online learning method is more efficient and more secure and benefiting in every way. Technology has to be used according to the difficulty of the situation, so to get the most and best result. And it was because of technology that the shift to online learning was done very swiftly and without little or no difficulty. In the end, we all have to accept the fact that we can not even function without technology .

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