FSSAI Awareness Rules for Startup Restaurants

All food business owners in India have to obtain an FSSAI license or do registration and follow FSSAI rules. There are different categories for registration and licensing depending upon the business capacity and turnover. There are many options to apply for an FSSAI license one may apply offline through a different consultant or go for an FSSAI food license in Delhi online.

FSSAI license or registration

Anybody having a food business of packaging, production, manufacturing, processing, distribution, transportation, or storage of food items is need an FSSAI license or registration. While applying for registration, an original copy of the FSSAI must at all times be displayed at the prominent place in the premises of the food business.

Updating FSSAI about the business changes

Every food business owner needs to inform FSSAI authorities regarding any changes or modifications in activities in the business. In addition, FSSAI licenses need to ensure that there is no other product indicated at the time of FSSAI registration.

Additionally, the FSSAI license has to provide access to the licensing administration or the personnel to the food business area in case of their request.

Qualified employees 

Every food business owner needs to have at least one technical person to overview everything in the production process. The person supervising the production process must possess a degree in science with biochemistry or chemistry or food & nutrition or a degree in food technology or dairy microbiology or dairy engineering or veterinary science or oil technology or diploma in any other discipline.

Compulsory annual return

FSSAI food export license holders need to fill the periodic annual return within up to 1st May yearly. For all the food businesses involved in handling or collecting, or manufacturing milk products and milk, a half-yearly return is required to fill.

Maintain a hygienic and clean facility

All FSSAI license holders need to follow certain conditions to make sure the preparation, storage and processing of all food in a hygienic and clean facility,

  • Have to maintain a daily record of raw material, production in the factory, utilization and sales separately.
  • Authority needs to maintain factory is hygienic and sanitary, and the worker is hygienic as specific in the FSSAI rules.
  • Regular cleaning of equipment and machines
  • Not store, manufacture, or sell any food item in any premises that do not effectively separate from any rival, privy, drain, store, or place of storage of foul and waste matter.
  • Ensure the testing of the entire relevant chemical or any microbial contaminants in food items at least every six months.
  • Ensure to maintain the temperature essential throughout the supply chain from the start of procurement or sourcing to the end consumer.
  • Ensure that the source of raw material is of optimum quality and has to check all the quality measures.

Time is taken to get an FSSAI license

One will get the FSSAI license within 30 days of filing an application and also receive a notification for inspection by the officer.

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