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Gear Up for New Year’s Eve with These Cable TV Channels

This year’s New Year’s Eve is going to be one for the books, due to the pandemic going around in the world. New Year’s Eve used to be all about going out for the midnight countdown, chugging a few beers, and having the time of our lives.

However, most of us are going to stay indoors this year, to be on the safe side. Does that mean it’ll be a countdown with no form of entertainment and fun? Absolutely not! All TV channels and streaming services will be working extra hard to show content that’ll make our New Year’s Eve at home as amazing as last year!

Regardless of the fact that the world is going through tough times, TV channels haven’t lost their importance and demand. But, this New Year’s Eve, it’s become so much more important to have the right set of TV channels!

We often watch a show based on its TV ratings, and it’s the main driving force in determining how important a particular cable TV channel is. In simple words, the higher its viewership, the better a channel is.

Hence, with all these factors in mind, we’ve decided to share with you some cable TV channels you should include in your package to have an amazing New Year’s Eve with your family and friends.


We’re sure all of you have heard about The Walking Dead series, and how addictive it gets as the season progresses. Yes, you’ve guessed it right, it’s on AMC! In the past, AMC was also known as American Movie Classics, where there were tons of black-and-white movies being broadcasted.

Today, AMC is immensely popular all thanks to The Walking Dead, a zombie apocalypse drama. If you’re into zombies, you’ll even enjoy its spin-off, Fear The Walking Dead. In fact, the blockbuster hit drama, Breaking Bad was shown on AMC as well.

AMC dramas are generally scripted with intricate detailing, so if you’re one who likes details, you’ll love AMC. Spectrum TV lineup has a wide range of entertainment channels and AMC is one of them, and their packages are priced at reasonable rates.


FX, is FOX Broadcasting’s siblings. In a short period of time, it became one of the very first channels to gain a huge viewership with its original marquee series. Since then, it’s been gaining more popularity and hasn’t backed down.

It used to broadcast everyone’s favorite Sons of Anarchy, a biker club drama. FX is surprisingly very much underrated, as not many people view it to be a must-have channel in their homes any longer.

But, with American Horror Story, it did gain back its lost audience, and now its spinoff, American Crime Story, it’s back in the game. It broadcasts dramas that are unique and wouldn’t you want your New Year’s Eve to be one where you can binge-watch such series?

History Channel

Did you know the History Channel was once known as “The Hitler Channel? It used to keep broadcasting the World War II footage with uncountable reruns, to a point that people got exhausted watching it.

However, ever since it started producing its very own scripted series, people started returning to this channel. Understandably, there’s a stereotype when it comes to having the History channel at home, but surprisingly its audience has increased.

All thanks to the Vikings Series (which we absolutely love), the History channel is faring well. Moreover, car fanatics are loving the Top Gear program that’s on the History channel with an 8.7 IMDB rating!


Who hasn’t heard of ABC? This is an all package channel! Moreover, it airs our very favorite show, Grey’s Anatomy. If you’re into romance, medical depictions and drama, this is the perfect show and channel for you.

It also has daily News and weather broadcast updates and has a recent popular program, Good Morning America. From the popular Marvel series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D to racially diverse comedy such as Fresh off the Boat, ABC will keep you hooked to your TV screens this New Year’s Eve!


ESPN offers the perfect mix of sports. It has without fail held the number one spot when it has to do with sports. Recent TV rating had further revealed ESPN to be a stable and very much hyped up cable TV channel.

Today, with how streaming services and DVRs are slowly taking over traditional TV channels, ESPN is still as in demand as it was back in the day. From being able to watch Monday Night Football to Baseball Tonight, benign live broadcasted, this is the channel for every sports enthusiast.

Have a Jolly New Year’s Eve

With so many channels to choose from, that aren’t even in the list above, we’re certain this New Year’s Eve will be one to remember as it’s the perfect opportunity to spend it indoors with your loved ones while binge-watching your favorite show!

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