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Get a Digital Marketing Career Without a Diploma with Online Career


It can be a challenge to get a job or career without a diploma, although there are opportunities available for those willing to explore them.

One of the possibilities is Online learning has become a popular option for people persevering higher education or upgrading new skills. With flexible class times, the capability to study from home, and increasingly intuitive technology platforms to communicate with teachers, completing an online course can have vital advantages for many pursuing students. Personal referrals can be another great way to obtain work when you need formal educational credentials. If you successfully secured jobs in the past, request recommendations or letters of endorsement that illustrate your work ethic and former employment history.

What is an Online Career Accelerator?

Online Career Accelerator is an online course that encourages people to learn digital marketing and get a remote job. It’s aimed at beginners and walks you through the basic to advanced tactics used by industry leaders. The founder of the course, An Bui, goes over several different sectors of marketing includes:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization, a marketing field)
    • Google Advertising
    • Facebook Advertising
    • How to find jobs in places you didn’t know were hiring
    • How to write a resume that gets noticed
    • How to write a good cover letter
    • Job interview recordings & transcriptions
    • Salary negotiation tactics for a 10% – 20% increase
    • How to get your clients on the side
    • How to scale down your workload but increase your income

An Bui takes each one of these valuable topics in great detail. With charts and data, An Bui shows you the path the world of marketing is heading in. Essentially, digital marketing is not only here to stay, but demand for these positions will drastically increase every year. 

He gives you step-by-step checklists to help familiarize yourself with all the information. It may seem like a lot at first, but between the support you get from An Bui, his staff, and the other students, it’s very flexible to make your way down the checklist. After a few months, I didn’t even need it anymore. You can finish the course at your own pace.

One great thing about digital marketing—you don’t need a degree. Some institutions or universities leave the student in debt and fail to teach people real-world skills to get a high-paying job. You need to prove that you know how to do it. It’s particularly demanding either, especially when you go through An’s checklist.

How can I increase my chances of getting hired?

1.Craft your resume.

A resume should be effortless to read and look professional and clean. Your resume should be honest and only include relevant information. It is crucial to list skills and achievements at the top of your resume to prioritize them. Be sure to practice the active language in your resume by using power words like “achieved,” “earned” or “accomplished.” Before you send out your resume, make sure you proofread for spelling and grammar errors.

Why do you need a good resume?

 Resumes help employers make easier hiring decisions and help you get your first interview. That is why it matters how you structure your resume and what information you should include. Online Career Accelerator can benefit you. Since they have been in the digital marketing industry for many years, they know very well what employers want to see in their resumes. Nowadays, job seekers need a specific cover letter and resume for every job to apply for. They will provide you the best resume at no extra charge that will get companies to hire you. And to tell you sincerely, the rate of this resume is a massive success and this can be proven by students who already took the course and are now landing a career job earning above the typical job salary.

2.Customize your resume for each job.

It is necessary to customize your resume to match that job description. Include only relevant work experience, achievements, education, and skills that meet the job posting.

For example, if you are applying to a position in retail. Your resume should list skills and previous work experiences relevant like customer service experience, problem-solving skills, and time-management skills.

3.Answer the interview with confidence.

During your interview, you should answer all questions honestly and professionally. Make eye contact and converse with confidence. You must discuss what value can bring to the company and why they should hire you. You can explain how you match the company culture and the ways that you can provide to the team.

4. Look for an apprenticeship or internship.

Develop the specialized skills necessary to work in your desired career field by finding an apprenticeship or an internship program. These programs are intended to encourage you to learn from experienced professionals and extend your skill set to be successful in your career. Working in an internship or as an apprentice enables you to build your resume by confirming that you have some prior experience in that field.

Start Considering Online Career Accelerator Now

Many students have already completed the program. And have been successfully able to attain a job somewhere from $5,000 to $10,000 per month without a diploma in digital marketing earning considerably more than they have in their previous career paths.

Consider Online Career Accelerator to be your option on your list of digital marketing courses online to enroll. Of course, there are failures among the stories of success. However, never expect something to happen without implementing something you have learned. Even worse, purchase a course and never watch the videos and tutorials at all. But if you are willing to do it, you will reasonably have a success story too. But if not, that is your refund. Make an effort first. Then once you qualify, you will get your money back.

Online Career Accelerator helped thousands and thousands of individuals wish to change their lives to the highest degree possible. Their coaching was valuable. You will learn a lot, and most importantly, it will fulfill its most prominent promise to get you a job that will surely step up your career and earn 6-digits of income. Of course, not everyone will get the same results as everyone who already took, but at least go at it full-fledged, do everything and take the risk.

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