Getting Married Doesn’t Have to Be Exhausting

Brainstorming for your wedding days entails discussing the big ideas and details that will make a significant difference on the big day. Discussing the major aspects might include organizing the guest list, venue, location, and theme. Discussing the tiny details can consist of the right accents, a suitable playlist, and personalized favors. To ensure your big day goes smoothly, you’ll have to be thorough and hands-on.

That’s because planning for this day is complex, especially if you’re doing the planning yourself. If you don’t want to carry the burden alone, you can research the hacks, tricks, and tips you should be familiar with. Knowing how to handle the planning will make it even more exciting and seamless. Below is a guide for brides-to-be to help them plan their big day.

Think About the Average Timeline

Knowing the timeline needed for planning your wedding will help you make the entire process more manageable, allowing you to manage everything seamlessly. Doing that will spread out the significant aspects of the planning, and you don’t have to cram. Getting married might be an essential aspect of your life, but you can still live your everyday life while planning for that moment.

You’ll still have time to exercise, hang out with family and friends, spend time together, work, and more if you factor in the timeline. That will allow you to lessen the burden you’re carrying while planning your wedding.

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Pick a Wedding Venue Thoroughly

One of the crucial aspects of planning for your big day is picking a venue. Your other subsequent decisions depend on your choice. You have different aspects to consider when choosing a venue for your wedding, including the following:

  • Will an all-inclusive venue work? Do you have to handle the vendor arrangements yourself?
  • What’s your budget? Will this venue fit your budget?
  • Do you want an elegant or comfy reception?
  • Will it be local or at a specific destination?
  • Will your wedding be intimate or monumental?

Find the answers to these questions before you start searching for wedding venues. It’ll enable you to find the sites to meet your needs and budget.

Examine a Venue Inside and Out

Every bride should make it a habit to visit the venue after narrowing down their lists. It’ll help you determine if the place is the right place for the ambiance you’re going with and matches the photographs on their website. If possible, you can also meet with the team who’ll likely help you on your big day. In addition to that, read reviews about the venue to check if there are negative reviews.

Look for repeating trends in negative reviews because that might help you determine a few warning signs. If one of the reviews is concerning, ask the representative to discuss what happened and how they addressed the problem.

Get the Correct Size for Your Ring

If the rings are big, they might slip off your fingers without you noticing. Before you wear your wedding rings everywhere you go, go to a jewelry store yourself so they can fit you for the correct size. If losing excess fats is your goal before the wedding, have your fingers sized again.

Understand the Written Contracts

You should also remember that planning for your wedding entails reading the contracts with your vendors. You’ll have to sign a contract with all of your vendors, including your musicians, florists, caterers, videographers, and photographers. Make sure to read the agreement to learn about its terms and conditions. It’ll also help you check if these essential details are in the fine print:

  • Non-review clauses: Your vendor should give you the chance to share your honest opinion about their venue after the wedding.
  • Detailed lists of services and items: Take your contract with the florist as an example. It should include the colors of the ribbon, the kinds of flowers used, and the number of garlands, centerpieces, and bouquets.
  • Dates for the completion of services after the wedding: Make sure to check these dates, including videos and photographs.
  • Exact times and dates vendors will arrive: This is essential, especially for deliveries or services. You don’t want to find out your vendors are still setting up the reception after you’ve arrived.

Invest in Insurance for the Event

Maybe your videographer lost the film of your wedding. Or the tailor turned your dress into a small one during the alterations. Or there’s an accident in your venue’s kitchen before the wedding. You can’t avoid these accidents. Getting wedding insurance will protect you financially from any problem. Both vendors and venues should have their insurance, and you should ask for their policies.

But it will not cover everything. You still need insurance to help cover expenses if the wedding gets delayed because you got sick or a road accident made your venue inaccessible. Your insurance will also protect you from incurring rescheduling costs if there are no-shows, including the catering you hired for the event.

Planning a wedding is as stressful as it is, but when you’ve got these things covered, you’re in for one smooth celebration on the big day itself. However, before the big day and as you’re planning, don’t forget to live your life.

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