Giving and receiving love- Handy tips for parents with young children

Children often use different signals or love languages as experts call them, to express their love for their parents. While giving love is highly important for parents, they need to be able to respond to specific cues from their little ones in this regard. Of course, joint activities and spending time together always help.

You can for instance enjoy several fun activities with kids at home on holidays or whenever everyone is free. And if you’re looking to be a supportive parent, then you will naturally back your child’s interests while enrolling him/her into fun activities online that boost the same greatly courtesy of Yellow Class. 

The very first step is identification of the primary language of love for your child. Pay more attention to how your child expresses love to you. There are children who express through the need for cuddles or hugs which scream LOVE YOU to them in ways that others may not understand.

Your child may be running to you, chasing you, climbing over you and constantly requiring touch. Get your child to sit on your lap, offer high fives and foot massages, hold hands and squeeze him/her gently when in need of more affection. This works greatly as per experts. 

There are many children who feel wanted and loved when they get presents. The primary love language of some children is a gift at times. You should understand that this is not always materialistic but rather an association with you. Gift your children symbols or tokens of your love from a ball of wool to your first sports cap or other trinkets.

Little tokens of love

Little tokens of love make children feel loved. There are more children who listen intently to whatever you are saying since your words matter immensely to them. If the child is doubly happy whenever you are praising him/her or offers sweet nothings or affirmative phrases, then you should make the effort at your end as well. 

Put little notes that they can find everywhere, under their pillows, in lunch boxes, on the sofa and so on. Something like my star or likewise may brighten up the life of your kid in a bigger way than you may currently. Messages and cute communication do the trick in this scenario. Children also have love languages which entail asking parents to make them something or do something for them.

They may entreat you to fix things, fluff the pillow, read a story and so on. While you should indulge this form of love, make sure that they grow up to be independent without bothering you for everything. Teach children everything at first and then withdraw step-by-step. Of course, several children who ask you for more time are making it quite obvious.

Time is the best antidote for a lot of things as far as children are concerned. Whenever you spend time together, offer your undivided attention. Quantity does matter but quality is more important. These are some tips that will help parents greatly as per experts. 

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