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Google’s First Page: Why You Need to Rank High

With the help of our SEO North Sydney strategies, we rank for our target search terms on the first page of Google. Not only that, but we continue to work to get your website to the top of the first page. After then, we keep striving to maintain it there.

Why Google Rank Is Important for Your Business

When potential customers are seeking your goods and services, they do an internet search.

As of 2019, 95% of all searches in Australia are made via the Google search engine. Google effectively controls the online search industry.

The next two search engines in line are Bing (3.3%) and Yahoo (0.7%), with the remaining search engines making up the remaining 1 percent. Find out for yourself here.

Why First Page Google Rankings Are Important for Your Website

Let’s examine what transpires after a Google search now.

Google would more likely prioritize Paid Advertisements (Google Adwords) if the search query has a business motive. Organic search results are the leftover outcomes. Google typically displays 10 organic search results on each page. At the bottom of the page, there can be further advertisements.

Your website should be among the top organic results on the first page when we execute search engine optimization on it.

More visitors will click over to your website the higher it ranks in organic search results. In general, these things take place:

• The top organic search result receives about 33% of all clicks. That means that one in three users who conduct this search go through to that result!

• The first page of organic search results receives 70% of all clicks. That includes first place (at 33%), second (15%), third (10%), and so on all the way to tenth place.

• Given this information, it is clear that for your website to be successful online in Sydney and across Australia, it needs to be highly ranked on Google’s first page.

Google’s homepage is Fresh Property

For your target keyword search terms, SEO Sydney Solutions raises your website’s rating to the top spot on the first page of Google. You will notice more website traffic as we raise your search engine ranks.

As a result, there are more requests for quotes, more consumer inquiries, and more sales.

Additionally, not just Google but all search engines are supported by our SEO Sydney services. As a consequence, while we work to get you first-page rankings on Google, your search engine rankings will also rise.

How Much Time Does It Take to Rising to the Top?

It takes time for Google to recognize SEO modifications due to the vast number of websites online, which is estimated to be in the trillions and is expanding at amazing rates.

You will realize that SEO outcomes simply take time if you have ever had SEO work done. How much time, though?

In the first 60 days after launching a fresh SEO strategy, we should expect to see rapid effects. The majority of website owners will observe a considerable increase in ranks and increased search volume during this period.

The SEO effort grows from there. In months three to six, we begin to rank for more keywords, and the ones that are already there go closer to the top of the page.

For more cutthroat marketplaces To start achieving the top rankings on the first page, it will take 6–12 months or more. After that, we start dominating for a large number of keywords, resulting in a surge in leads and new clients.

These are, of course, average outcomes, and depending on your target market, you can see shorter or longer time periods for ranking result increases.

It’s important to keep in mind that it can take longer if the market is more competitive.

However, once your website ranks close to the top of page 1 of Google for a fiercely competitive term, a significant volume of traffic and leads are produced. And at that point, you may begin reaping excellent returns on your investment and realize that everything was worthwhile.

Additional Positive Effects of Our SEO Techniques

As you can see, getting high ranks on Google’s first page is really advantageous. This is what causes your website traffic to significantly grow. You will see that this generates more leads, greater sale revenues, and total profits since we consistently target buyer keywords for your target market.

However, you should also be aware that thanks to our all-encompassing SEO strategy, your business will also gain the following advantages:

• Better online standing

• Enhanced brand recognition

• More visibility online throughout the entire web

• Increases in conversion rates

Naturally, this also contributes to your enhanced SEO results and aids in establishing your brand, prestige, and market position. Develop as the expert and pioneer in your field.

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