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Have You Planned Your 4th Of July Email Campaigns Yet

The first quarter of 2021 is already over, and we are heading towards a mostly dry sales season that hardly has any holiday. July the 4th is the only major holiday during this time of the year, presenting an opportunity that you simply cannot afford to miss out on. 

Email marketing has been the favorite channel for realtors given its 4400% ROI but there is more to it. The 4th of July campaigns bring in 32% additional revenue from email marketing campaigns. Today, I will share a few actionable tips based on my experience of running countless 4th of July campaigns for multiple companies of different sizes, scales, and sectors at my email marketing company. So, let’s get started:

Design Your Email Campaign To Align With Buyer Intent

What comes to your mind when you think of the 4th of July? It’s all about celebrations, patriotism, and pool-side parties with barbecues. This holiday gives ordinary Americans a great time with family, friends and that’s exactly what you should keep in mind as an email marketer while devising your strategy. Find out how you can align your products with their purchase intent and fit into their celebrations. NRF data finds that the average American spends $76, so as a senior employee at an email marketing agency, I recommend you to keep this figure in mind while pitching your products. Understanding how your subscribers will celebrate Independence day goes a long way in designing high conversion rate email campaigns. If you are planning to set up your 4th of July automated emails, the tips shared in the email automation guide by Email Uplers can come in handy for you. 

Write Subject Lines With 4th July At Focus

Subject lines play the deciding factor as countless brands, including your competitors, will approach your subscribers during this period. Since the spendings made during the celebration are planned ahead in most cases, it is necessary to mention that the emails are focused on the 4th of July. You should also explicitly state the offers, coupons, and freebies that are mentioned in the email body to increase your odds of getting the message opened. I also find it incredibly important to mention the recipient’s name.

Here are a few I-day subject line examples are as follows:

  • Starting from today: 50% Off Our Pre-4th Sale!
  • Hey Anna, Happy 4th of July
  • Planning a trip Somewhere This July the 4th?

Use Patriotic Tone In your Email Copywriting

Like your email template design, your copy also needs to be inline with the patriotic tone. You should take this opportunity to show your gratitude towards this great nation and try to associate yourself with its principles and ideas. For instance, you can show pride in the fact that your product is made or designed in the USA. Also, you can show your gratitude to the veterans and the ones who sacrificed their lives while serving the United States of America. The below example from Oakley is one of the best professional email examples of using a patriotic tone in a simple yet effective manner:


Use Independence Day Special HTML Email Templates

You can use I-day themed HTML email templates that use stars and stripes, red, blue, and white colors as key highlights. You also might want to use eagle and military symbols in your design. I find that coloring your products in the I-day theme goes extremely well with these email templates as it maintains visual consistency. The reason behind emphasizing on the visual appeal is to send out a clear message to the reader on what they should expect from your message without writing long pieces of copy. Have a glance at the below professional email example:



Make Irresistible Independence Day Offers

Since it’s the I-day, your subscribers will expect you to be genuinely generous and offer incredible deals. A normal offer will take away the charm and will make your promotional message look vague. You can send promotional offers to your subscribers that contain discounts based on their user activity as it makes your emails instantly relevant. Gift vouchers will also make a great independence day offering as people continue coping up with the new lifestyles in the era of social distancing. You can also run an Independence day contest as they help significantly with your overall engagement rate. You can get started with your efforts right from late June to get maximum results. Glance at one of my favorite professional email examples of in-mail 4th Day steal deal:

(Image Credits)

Be Smart With Personalization And Segmentation For The I-Day Campaign

Personalization and segmentation have proven to be the top two email marketing strategies for all kinds of campaigns and duly recommended by my email agency. The most sought after products on Independence day include patriotic apparel, fireworks, summer items, and beach accessories. If you are into selling any of these products, you can use the previous sales data to pitch your products based on subscriber demographics and preferences. Being relevant is extremely important as everyone has their preferred way of celebrating the Independence day. Even if you are not directly dealing in these products, you should send a personalized message congratulating your subscribers. 

Wrap Up

The 4th of July is an exceptionally important day for every proud American and as marketers, we should ensure that our brands are a part of the grand celebration. Your email must reflect that you are not sending it merely for sales, but you are genuinely part of their celebrations. Unless your promotional offer, email template design, and message are conveying the same feeling, your campaign might look hollow. From my experience of managing multiple brands at my email marketing agency, I would say that even if you are not planning to run an entire campaign, wishing your subscribers goes a long way. I hope this article helps you make this independence day season a bumper one.

Author Bio: 

Kevin George is the Head of Marketing at Email Uplers, one of the largest Email Templates production companies which specializes in converting PSD to email templates. He loves gadgets, bikes, jazz, and breathes ‘email marketing’. He is a brand magician who loves to engage and share insights with fellow marketers.

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