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High-Security Door Locks: How to Choose the Best Brand

In recent times, with the increasing rates of crimes and robbery, an advanced door locking system is essential, but sometimes, due to several reasons like rusting, jam, or technical default, lock change is required, and lock change Dubai comes to the rescue. To prevent robbery and protect ourselves from goons, having a door lock mechanism is of utmost importance. With the increasing crime rates, especially in big cities, high-security door locks have become a necessity. Converting the problem to an opportunity, many manufacturers came out with several brands of high-security door locks. But the question which a buyer always ponders upon is “which is the best one to choose?” For some, the cost is the primary factor, while for a few others, quality matters. So, here are certain tips and tricks to decide which brand is suitable.

Characteristics of best brand:-

May it be any product, there are hundreds of brands available to choose from, and one must be aware of the traits of the best brands and their various merits and demerits. Catering to the mass needs, the security door brands should have the following features:-

  1. Quality over cost- A part of the door needs to be removed to install the door lock. So, one must ensure that the door lock is made of heavy and strong metal and does not leave a lot of gap between those made of light metal and plastics with space. Preferring the plastic material with light metal and space would mean risking security. The weight of the door lock can be judged by holding it. Suppose the previous door lock has been jammed and replacement is necessary. In that case, one can seek help from lock change Dubai. 
  2. Anti- drilling mechanisms- Drilling the lock mechanism and breaking it is one of the very common methods used by the robbers to break into the buildings. The high-security doors can help prevent this drilling activity and ensure safety. Generally, the robbers drill the shear line or the set screw portion, and hence, these areas should be covered with hardened steel ball bearings. Sometimes the sheer line comes with anti-drilling plates which rotate to prevent drilling.
  3. Preventing key copy- Generally, when one uses a commonly available key shape and design, it is very easy for a stranger to use a key similar to the owner’s key because of its mass availability and break into the owner’s property. To avoid this situation, generally, the high-security doors come with patented keyways that any common key cannot access and if one keeps safe the original key and the spare key safe, there are minimal chances of any random person breaking into the properties.
  4. Strong bolt- Another requisite to ensure safety that the high-security door locks prevent heavy metal locks is a strong bolt. These bolts are very force resistant and do not break easily or come off easily, even if struck with a hammer or heavy object and can also not be cut down using a hacksaw or a cutter. Therefore, it provides safety and prevents random access to one’s property.
  5. Price considerations- When one searches for security, one needs to spend a fortune. The higher the price, the safer is the locking system in the high-security doors. Majorly, the price charged is due to the metal content’s quality and the complexity of the locking mechanism. So, one should ensure that the product is worth the price. One can also avail of the services of an expert locksmith like a Locksmith Dubai.


With the increasing rate of crimes and thievery taking place, it is of primary importance that people switch over to high-security door locking mechanisms to stay protected and safe. . A good lock can prove to be a great option for this purpose. With a high degree of security being provided, it can safeguard one’s important or valuable subjects. Therefore, one must directly avail of the services provided by locksmiths like Dubai Locksmith or company services without giving it a second thought.

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