Hot Tub Maintenance Themes By Frequency

While the standard modern hot tub doesn’t require all that much maintenance or upkeep, one of the primary benefits of purchasing such a product, there are a few simple areas here you will have to attend to. These will not only keep your hot tub functioning properly and in healthy ways, but will also maximize its lifespan and the value you get out of it over the years. 

For many of the top hot tub brands and providers, maintenance themes will be part of the basic manufacturing or installation instructions. Whether or not this is the case, it pays to think about hot tub maintenance in a few different areas — and these areas also have some varying frequencies in terms of how often they need to be carried out. Here’s a brief primer on maintaining the hot tub in these vital areas, plus how often you likely need to do so. 

Siding or Cabinets

If you happen to still be utilizing an older hot tub that used redwood or cedar cabinets, these need to be sealed and stained regularly. The frequency for this will depend on how well the sealant or stain is holding up as well as how much direct sunlight the tub gets. Once a year is usually a good rule of thumb, but if you live in a very sunny area, you may need to do it twice a year.

However, the vast majority of modern hot tubs come with synthetic siding — and this requires virtually no maintenance outside a basic hose-down every so often.

Water Chemistry and Balance

Some fear they have to be experts in water chemistry to maintain a hot tub properly, but this isn’t true at all. Balancing water when you start the hot tub up is simple and straightforward, and thereafter pH levels and chlorine (or bromine) levels only need to be checked every week or two. If these happen to be out of whack, all you have to do is add the necessary chemicals (in tablet form) to the water and wait for them to take effect.

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Filter and Pump

One of the most important aspects of hot tub maintenance is ensuring the filter and pump are clean and functioning properly. Not only does this keep the water clean and healthy, but it also maximizes the lifespan of these key components. 

Most experts recommend cleaning the filter every two months and the pump every six. However, this will also depend in some part on how often you use the tub and how dirty the water gets. If the filter or pump looks particularly dirty, then it’s best to clean them immediately.


The heater is another key part of the hot tub and one that often doesn’t get enough attention. Just like with a car, if the heater isn’t working properly, the entire system will break down. 

Most experts recommend checking the heater at least once a year, and if it’s not working properly, repairing or replacing it as soon as possible. This is definitely one component you don’t want to wait on, as a faulty heater can easily ruin your entire hot tub experience.

By following these simple tips for hot tub maintenance, you can keep your tub running in top condition for years to come. Just be sure to inspect all of these areas regularly and address any issues as they arise.

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