In the present day, due to the pandemic situation, many places are facing lockdown for the safe and secured lives of people. So, organizing authentic interviews, meetings, or examinations of students has become a point of concern. Exactly, during this time online assessments play a vital role in shaping the futures of people around the world. Online assessment tools are available to help in the whole process and also have gained popularity in recent years. You can check out online test centers such as myPAT for getting additional information.

ProProfs Online Assessment Software: This software has a well-established history and can be considered as one of the best internet online assessment tools and a platform to take online quizzes. They offer a variety of features that help the teachers a lot. Taking online tests through this software is very easy and not at all complicated. The teacher just has to choose the questions they are willing to give from a question bank that carries more than 10,000 different types of questions from various topics. ProProfs Online Assessment Software allows you to pick the type of answers you want. It is the ideal app for online quizzes and allows you to mechanize grading and scoring. You can easily track the performances of the students as it gives instant reports. The reports produced are very accurate and helps you to know the weaknesses of the students. You can easily modify your questions here based on the topics or subjects.

Easy LMS: Easy LMS is another famous online assessment tool that is good in the field of educational technology. The online assessments and quizzes are very user friendly and simple to use. The best thing about this software is that it doesn’t require any previous knowledge of coding to set the online quizzes. This tool is stuffed with a variety of customization features making it really easy to use. The quizzes can be accessed from any device such as phones, laptops or computers, and tablets. One of the most interesting facts about this software is that it has immense capabilities and anti-cheating measures. The client service team for this software is very strong. Any issue you find with this software will be quickly fixed by the very active team.

CodeSignal: CodeSignal is a bit different from other tools as it is mainly made for programmers to learn coding in a better way. In the present time, where programming and software is a blooming vast field, a custom-made tool becomes very important. Through this software, teachers can conduct online quizzes with their ease and get a valuable understanding from the results. Through games learning computer, science becomes very interesting in this software.

PowerSchool Assessment: PowerSchool Assessment brings you an innumerable number of education technology solutions. It works perfectly for the teachers who are looking forward to making their classes more interesting over the internet. This tool enables you to know the students thoroughly from the detailed reports you get. You get the opportunity to deliver your own designed content, questionnaires, online quizzes, and assessments.

How helpful is myPAT: It can help you to conquer different engineering entrance examinations such as BITSAT, Jee mains, and so on. It organizes special scholarship tests for free so that students belonging to different regions can get the academic exposure that they deserve. You can get an idea of your preparation and what is your approximated rank compared to the different individuals who will sit with you for the examinations.

It is an online platform that renders knowledge to IIT aspirants and also it prepares the students by taking various mock tests on varied topics which prepares the students for the main exam. MyPat has the provision to give topic-wise and chapter-wise tests which helps the students a lot. MyPat includes FITJEE content and it promises to make the students suitable for future jobs in IT Companies. MyPat checks the student’s area of strengths and weaknesses, the places where he or she needs improvement, and also it compares with the performances of other aspirants so that the students know where they stand, which is very essential for an aspirant to move forward. It helps the students to build the much-needed confidence in them and the proper depth of knowledge on the topics.

  • MyPat doesn’t take into consideration whether the student has prior knowledge or not. They provide knowledge from the scratch. 
  • MyPat makes the students absolutely ready for the real exam giving them the real-time exam feeling through their mock tests. They follow the same exam pattern, on a real exam screen and the same marking scheme.
  • If the students set particular goals for them after giving the first exam, MyPat will ensure to accomplish that aim by any means. They will provide the student will customize tests and study materials according to their current position and the desired exam they’ll appear for.
  • MyPat is better than any other old-fashioned mode of learning because it can specifically point out the student’s strengths and weaknesses by comparing also, they teach time management and helps to improve the speed of the aspirant making them faster than ever.
  • MyPat provides the students with individual panels. It helps the students in tracking their performances in the mock tests and improve accordingly. These are very detailed, diagrammatic, and easy to interpret.
  • MyPat delivers live interactive sessions that help the students in clearing their doubts, participate in group discussions, and exchanging ideas.

One of the biggest things in MyPat is that it arranges for a great scholarship test. The student gets an idea about their position when compared to other examinees and they can compete against lakhs of other competitors across the whole country. The benefits of this scholarship test are stated below:

  1. They will give the student a chunk amount of Rs. 10 crores.
  • All the students will definitely get the scholarship.
  • No extra payment to be made as registration fees.
  • After the test, the student will receive all-inclusive report cards.

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