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How Can You Get Rid of Kidney Stones within a day in Bangalore?

Kidney stones are hard deposits of crystals. They are formed in the kidneys and can also move anywhere in the urinary tract and get stuck. Kidney stones form generally when the urine becomes thick and concentrated, which allows minerals to stick together to crystalize. Unhealthy eating habits, less intake of water and fluids, and recurrent urinary tract infections are considered as the major causes of kidney stones. People with positive history are also most likely to develop this problem. 

There are five types of kidney stones, which includes calcium oxalate stones, calcium phosphate stones, struvite stones, uric acid stones, and cystine stones. There are several symptoms of kidney stones that can help you or your doctor to identify that you have kidney stones. This includes intense pain in the middle abdomen, pain or burning sensation while urinating, frequent urges to urinate, bloody urine, smelly or cloudy urine, urinating less than usual, nausea, vomiting and fever. 

Kidney stones are a serious condition which requires immediate medical intervention. It requires proper and timely treatment. Untreated kidney stones can potentially lead to several serious conditions such as infections of the kidneys, loss of kidney functions, renal failure, and hydronephrosis. You should consult a surgeon as soon as you start experiencing the symptoms of kidney stones. Also, you can do certain things such as lifestyle and dietary changes to minimize the chances of developing kidney stones. 

Treatment Of Kidney Stones Within A Day in Bangalore

A number of treatment options for kidney stones are available in Bangalore. Usually, the surgeon recommends you the best-suited treatment after diagnosing your problems. The surgeon may prescribe you some medications in case your kidney stones are mild or small which can easily pass along with urine. A number of Ayurvedic, Homeopathic, and Allopathic medicines that are used to treat kidney stones. But they might not work as a permanent solution to this problem. 

After trying medications, you may get rid of kidney stones but there are high chances that the kidney stones form again in some time. If you have such a similar problem or if you have tried medications but nothing worked and  you want to get rid of kidney stones, you should opt modern and advanced surgical treatment in Bangalore as they can offer you a permanent result in just one day.

Laser Lithotripsy

Laser Lithotripsy, also known as laser ureteroscopy, is an effective and modern way of treating kidney stones. During this procedure, the surgeon inserts a ureteroscope into the ureter through urethra. After that the surgeon breaks the stones into small pieces using precise amounts of laser energy. Then the surgeon removes those pieces out of your body with the help of surgical equipment, while remaining stones are flushed out along with urine. 

Shockwave Lithotripsy 

This is another modern and advanced way of treating kidney stones in Bangalore. In this procedure, the surgeon breaks the stones into small granules using shock wave pulses. Then the surgeon allows you to go home the same day after 2-3 hours of rest at the hospital. After this procedure, you are suggested to drink an adequate amount of water for the next few hours as it helps the small granules to come out along with the pressure of urine. Due to the small granules, your urine may look dark. 

Laparoscopic Surgery

This is another widely practiced method of treating kidney stones. This procedure is preferred by surgeons as well as patients. During this highly advanced surgical procedure, the surgeon makes a few minor cuts in your lower abdominal region and then inserts a laparoscope, removes the stones through those cuts and then closes them.

All these three methods of treatment are painless, bloodless, comfortable and extremely effective. They are performed under the influence of local or general anaesthesia. Laser lithotripsy and shockwave lithotripsy are performed on an outpatient basis, where you do not need hospitalization. You can return to home the same day after resting a few hours at the hospital. Addition to this, both these surgeries are absolutely simple, safe and successful. There are almost no chances of complications during or after the procedures. The recovery period is also short . You will be recovered completely just within a week. However, you may be hospitalised for a few days after laparoscopic surgery. Moreover, in case of any problems, you should immediately consult your surgeon.  

Pristyn Care offers all the above-mentioned surgeries in Bangalore. They are associated with some of the most experienced and skilled kidney stones surgeons in Bangalore. One of the best things about choosing Pristyn Care for kidney stones in Bangalore is that they offer you as seamless surgical experience as you can imagine. A team from Pristyn Care books your appointment with the doctor, completes all your paperwork at the hospital and even assigns you a Care Buddy who ensures you are absolutely comfortable and tension free at the hospital throughout your entire surgical treatment. We would highly recommend you to contact Pristyn Care in Bangalore if you want to get rid of kidney stones in just one day. 

Since kidney stones are a painful condition, it should be detected and treated professionally on time. Delaying the treatment can be very harmful for your overall health. So be wise and choose the best and permanent treatment for your problems.

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